Marella hurt at house show

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Please use this as a reason to take the title of him and make something with it. Ryder vs Sandow feud for US title plx :dawg:

  2. Actually what would everyone make of a last us title run for Regal? I think it'd be awesome.
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  4. Regal holding it on the sympathetic face run until Ambrose comes out and teabags him.
  5. OMG Regal vs Ambrosia!!
  6. Awesome. Hope someone takes the title from him.
  7. Interesting and realistic, I'd like it.
  8. :fap::fap:
  9. he was on raw so he is injured or not?
  10. He didn't wrestle, right? It's probably an injury that's not so severe to the point that he has to take time off at home or go through surgery, of course, but maybe he can't wrestle for a few days.
  11. :yes: so tired of the catering to 9and under crowds.
  12. Yeah, he'll probably just be used for promos only.
  13. I really hate Santina, and his Cobra, what a F***ing lame finishing move:finger:
  14. Were you a fan of Foley's socko?
  15. quite frankly yes, that was funny:haha:
  16. Sorry to tell you but they are practically the same finisher. :jeritroll:
  17. I think there's a slight difference. Didn't Foley shove his hand down other people's throats? Seems more damaging than poking them.
  18. Still pretty much identical Leo, I personally don't mind Santino's Cobra, I loved Mr Socko though, I loved seeing that.
  19. I think there's a difference from the few Mandible Claws I've seen. Never watched Foley on his prime so didn't see how he applied it every week, but someone shoving their hand down one's throat seems more painful than someone poking me on my chest or something. But that's just me, they're still somewhat similar though, I admit that.
  20. To be honest I'm unsure, would I like someone shoving there hand in my mouth, or would I like someone giving me a short stab? I'd probably say the latter would hurt more imo.