Mario Balotelli: Ultimate boss

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    Whilst we're here, here are some fact about the man himself:

    Turned up at the Tudor Pub in wythenshawe on Christmas day and put a grand behind the bar.

    Survived a usually fatal disease at birth

    £10,000 in parking fines

    Car impounded 27 times

    £300,000 fine for throwing darts at the youth team

    Won £25,000 in a casino, gave £1,000 to a tramp outside

    Rescued a child from bullying

    Threw tomatoes at some Serie A manager

    Threw water balloons at Serie A meeting

    Started a fight with 4 bouncers, after breaking the no touching rule at a strip club

    Thinks milk with tea is strange

    Bibotelli saga

    Had a £120,000 Audi R8 imported and wrote it off within a week

    Had his friends approach girls in clubs and say "Balotelli will see you now."

    Sent to John Lewis by his mother to buy essentials for the house, like an ironing board Came back with a giant trampoline and a Vespa and Scalectrix

    Started fights with Kompany, Boateng and Tevez at training

    Was frequently seen at the AC Milan superstore while playing for inter

    Went on TV in an AC shirt with his name on while at inter

    U21s game for Italy, kicks a swedish player while he's down and proceeds to just sit on the pitch ignoring the opposition and the referee for about a minute.

    Is then offended when he gets sent off and protests about it

    He winked at Ferdinand at the semi final of the FA cup and celebrate in front of the Man U fans.

    After the FA cup final, on live TV, says "This season I have been s***. Can I say that?"

    Was stopped by police driving round Hulme (a real craphole) in his maserati with £25,000 cash on the passenger seat. When asked why he said "because I'm rich"

    Had to go off at half time in a game in Ukraine due to an allergy to the pitch

    Had to be physically hauled away by Zanetti for refusing to let Samuel Eto'o take a penalty that he had won

    Once broke up with a girlfriend via text while she was presenting a live television show

    Slept with a model while his girlfriend was asleep downstairs

    *** mental chicken hat

    When he won the European Golden Boy trophy, said he had never heard of Jack Wilshere

    Said he would find out who he was so he could remind Wilshere he came second

    Drove his car into a women's prison so he could have a look around

    Swore on live TV after the FA cup final

    Attempted a roulette back heel shot against LA Galaxy and missed

    Connections with the Naples Mafia, he even testified in court at a Mafia trial

    Brought iPad to bench during International friendly.

    Set house on fire using fireworks

    Said only Messi is "a little stronger" than him, and he is better than all other players

    "Why always me?" shirt, made for him by City kitman Chappy

    Drove around Manchester high fiving city fans from his car the day after >1-6

    Became the face of a firework safety campaign days after setting his house on fire

    Hands £20 notes out to strangers when in Manchester

    Chanted Rooney! Rooney! at the prostitute who claimed to have slept with Wayne

    Italy were showing off their brand new home kit. After half time, Balotelli came out for the second half, having for no apparent reason changed into the old kit. Nobody else on the pitch had changed.

    Turned the landscaped back garden of his rented mansion in to a quad bike race track
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  4. Fucking boss.
  5. Lmao so many epic facts

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  6. Attempted a roulette back heel shot against LA Galaxy and missed

    lol, I remember watching that happen. He got benched. It was hilarious
  7. To think he's in the same league as Jack Wilshere makes me laugh.
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    Can someone make smilies out of these? :dawg:
  9. Looks like a ninja.
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  11. One of the best gifs ever.