Night of Champions Mark Henry or Rusev?

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    In the battle of big bad asses who do you think is going to win this match and why do you think that person is going to win this match at Night of Champions?

    Personally I got Rusev winning it, I don't believe Mark Henry will be the one to end the momentum that Rusev currently has..
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  2. RUSEV will WIN! cause henry is too OLD and WEAK!!
  3. I'd like to see Rusev win and then Swagger come back and take him down now that Zeb is back. Would help his image IMO. You can't tell me that 'We the People' isn't over as fuck so they should roll with it
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  4. The only logical conclusion is Rusev going over. The only way Henry is picking up the victory here is if he's somewhere in line to challenge Brock Lesnar (before, after or instead of the Big Show) and their quick way of building him back up is having him end Rusev's streak. You could argue that since Henry has done or accomplished nothing worth mentioning since last year (except for getting his ass handed to him by Lesnar three times in a row), Henry might need to be built back up if they want him to look like as big of a threat as possible to Brock.

    Buuut, I don't see Henry killing Rusev's streak just so that he can turn around and be fed to Lesnar. I know that sounds like the kind of illogical, boneheaded booking that WWE would do, but still. I'd bet pretty safely on Rusev going over and keeping the streak alive and that's it.
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  5. Should be a very entertaining match, Rusev doing work on Mark Henry would be quite the entertainment.. I wonder if they'll have Henry tap out to the accolade, that would be wild!!
  6. Have Rusev win a boring, drawn out match. That way we could get passed this face Henry phase and turn him heel again. A heel Henry is the best Henry.
  7. Rusev's winning this, 100%.
  8. Rusev is going to win imo. but i wouldn't be against seeing Henry win.
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  9. Rusev? No thanks. Face Henry? No thanks.

    Fuck WWE for not keeping Henry in the same character as the one from his WHC reign. The fucking awesome character than DREW RATINGS
  10. Rusev will win and he should win. Henry is done for and has been for a long time. He's a lower to mid-card wrestler and should help Rusev rise to the top. So should Big Show.
  11. Henry is a main event heel having the twilight of his career inexplicably wasted by a terrible wrestling federation.
  12. how is henry a main event heel and when has that lasted for a while recently? I respect henry and don't think he's worthless...but a main event heel?.....idk about that.
  13. He is the best heel on the roster. He is a proven ratings draw when billed as a top heel and he is endlessly entertaining.
  14. if he's truly a top draw...for ratings....they would book him more, right?....WWE is about money and why wouldn't they book him if he's drawing so much....?

    I liked his most recent main event heel feud with Cena but that was the only fashion I've enjoyed Henry in, really.
  15. The Hall of Pain started when he was a heel right? I loved that angle. 'I will make room for you in the Hall of Pain because thats what I do!' :henry:
  16. actually, on this topic, I take back what I said about Henry. I looked up his ratings draws, etc....and I didn't realize he was doing that good. I mean I personally don't care too much for his heel character (again, when he fought Cena it was alright I thought), but I wouldn't mind him having one more run I suppose--would be better than Big Show for sure.

    I was speaking about Henry and Rusev in the sense that Henry is 43.....only getting older and Rusev is 28. Why not let Henry push this guy further? Ya know?
  17. I still think Rusev will win
  18. Oh im sure he will and I think he should. I was more or less directing this particular feud at Dolph saying, why not let Rusev win? It makes sense.
  19. Rusev is a boring fuck boy who will go by the waste side sooner rather than later
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  20. You don't even watch anymore.......why do you care?
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