Storyline Martyr for the Magnum Opus

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    Arno Frye comes out in a rather cheerful mood. He stands on the ramp soaking in the crowd's disdain for a brief moment before smiling and continuing to the ring, of course walking to rhythm of fur elise. Frye doesn't head directly into the ring this time but instead circles around it once before entering. Now in the ring he grabs for a microphone and motions for his music to be stopped. He takes another moment to listen to the symphony-like boo's from the crowd. He runs his left hand through his hair and with his right hand raises the microphone to his mouth.

    When you're as dedicated a creative genius as I am you tend to forget things. You tend to...overlook certain details...elements...people. I've been so enamored with my failed projects and my potential magnum opus that I haven't allowed myself to see the potential of other projects backstage. So much opportunity for great artistic ventures back there...and I haven't even scratched the surface of it yet. *shaking his head* shame...

    Arno fixes his jacket and wipes his face with his left hand.

    However that all changes in 2 days when I Arno Frye meet what's his name?--Danny Jacobs that's right, Danny Jacobs at I-W-T Uprising. Who is this guy anyway? Isn't he one of those Bullad club boys? How cute he is a part of lil' club with him and his little friends how cute, so cute. You see, Danny-boy I don't respect your bukkake club because clubs,packs,teams,groups...they're for the weak. The incompetent. Those who can't stand on their own. I'm not one for collaborations, I'm a good enough artist on my own. Friends,teammates, the only purpose they serve is to hinder true greatness.

    Maybe just maybe at Uprising I can create something special. I could get you to stand on your own two feet. Not only could I make you...*deep breath*...perfect, but I could make you independent. Now that's an offer no logical person could refuse am I right? Whatever, I don't need your consent to make you a true work of art...which I will do.

    Frye licks his lips.

    You will not become another failed project of mine. I already have one too many. I will make you the example, the center piece in my portfolio, the martyr for the Magnum Opus...

    Frye drops to his knees and bursts into a fit of laughter.
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