Match Concepts

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  1. As I squandered in my latest loss to GeekGoddess I had sometime to think up so match concepts that would be relative to the IWT.

    Interference: During any match that allows interference, anyone may shoot a mini promo of 140 characters or less to help whoever they want.

    Count Out: If a person does not shoot a promo with in (amount of days or hours) they are counted out. (Up to Brit if she wants that champions favor rule)

    DQ: Breaking the 140 character limit of Interference


    Elimination Chamber: Six Way Prediction Contest

    Money In The Bank/Six Man Ladder: Six Way Promo Battle

    Royal Rumble: Random number drawing, same # that wins the WWE RR also is the same # that wins the IWT Rumble

    Single's Match: 1 on 1 promo battle - 1 promo each - Submitted in at the same time so no one has the advantage of seeing the other promo before doing one of their own. (Submitted to Brit via PM & Brit puts them both on the 1st post)

    Submission: Prediction Contest

    Triple Threat/Fatal Four Way/Handicap: Same Logic as Singles match

    Iron Man Match: Predetermined time of non-stop promos until the time runs out

    Extreme Rules/Hardcore: Promo battle except anyway of getting votes is permitted (see Gohan's sex cam pandering in Senhor vs Gohan)

    2 out of 3 Falls: Same as singles - 3 promos each

    3 Stages of Hell: 3 match concepts in one match

    Gauntlet Match: One on one singles matches until all challengers are defeated or one is victorious over the one who is competing in the match

    Tag Match: 3 promos each team, the only way you can shoot a promo is if you are the "legal man", meaning that you and your partner must decide who is going to shoot for each of the 3 promos. Also you can not shoot a promo on the illegal man from the opposing team.

    Tornado Tag Match: 1 promo for each person

    Special Referee Match: Applies to any promo battle match except a designated official is put in place who's vote counts as 3 instead of 1.

    Ultimate Submission Match: Prediction contest that includes a PPV, Raw, & Smackdown of the same week

    Hell in a Cell: Extreme Rules except no interference (Interference explained above)

    Cage Match: Prediction Contest & Promo Battle (1 promo). Votes and Prediction Scores are added up for the winning total

    Buried Alive Match: 1 promo each, minimum of 500 words.

    Over The Top Battle Royal: Similar to the Rumble except random numbers will be distributed and then a 2nd random drawing will take place to determine the order in which those numbers are eliminated. Last number wins.

    @Britanica what do you think
  2. Like them all except the same time promo battle. IMO the only advantage a champion has is seeing the opponents promo first.
  3. I think these are all really interesting ideas. Are these ideas for just title matches, for contenders matches, or both?
  4. Great ideas.
    I especially liked the Ironman match.