Match of the Year Candidates?

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  1. Ok so we all know that TLC isn't going to produce any Match of the Year Candidates so I figured I'd start this discussion early.

    Name some of the matches that were your favorites and believe should be nominated for Match of the Year.

    I would have to go with either Lesnar vs Cena vs Rollins at Royal Rumble or Lesnar vs Taker at HIAC.
  2. Kevin Owens vs. John Cena I, II and III
  3. Nakamura vs Ibushi, Tanahashi vs Okada (at Wrestle Kingdom 9) and Ishii vs Honma (at Sendai) definitely come to mind. :smirk2:

    Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes, too.

    They were all EXCELLENT.
  4. This is the WWE section.
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  5. Joe/Ciampa, idgaf
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  6. It was great, but no where near a MOTYC.
  7. I guess, but if we're talking WWE, I don't really remember any other matches. I guess there was the Rumble triple threat, Brock/Taker HIAC was fun also... I'm sure there are others
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    So? None of the matches that have happened in 2015 thus far can come close to those 4 I listed above. :fact:
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  9. You tell him, baby! :emoji_wink:

    Seriously though, I went back a few weeks ago and watched all of the matches that I thought were MOTYC for WWE and ended up deciding on Rollins, Cena and Lesnar at the Rumble.

    Reigns and Lesnar was one that isn't mentioned by many but I've gone back and watched it many times over again... not a masterpiece but a very watchable match.
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  10. There were a ton of excellent matches this year, but Brock vs Cena vs Rollins at the Rumble is easily the best of the bunch. No need for candidates when we already have the obvious winner.
  11. Ospreay vs Havoc at Progress Chapter 20. One of those matches were just about everything fell into place. Year long build, a rivalry more intense than anything WWE has put out in the past year and it ended an era of Progress and kickstarted the new one on with quite a bang. And the emotion it created in the crowd is better than anything Vince has pushed out.

    In WWE it's probably one of the Sasha vs Bayley matches
  12. Why are people naming matches from other promotions in a WWE section? smh

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    Beccause the subject of match of the year is not restricted to just WWE. And WWE is brought up a lot when it comes to the other promotions so fair game. As long as anyone doesn't try to completely run a thread off topic.

    Another MOTYC: Tenryu vs Okada from Tenryu's retirement match. Far from perfect considering Tenryu is 65 years old and has wrestled for almost 4 decades. But the gravitas and meaning made it a MOTYC
  14. :nope: Quality > meaning.

    Rumble 3way match was great, I really can't think of anything close in quality this year.
  15. I agree about the Rumble triple-threat, as far as the main roster goes.

    But to answer the bolded part... That's because you don't watch NXT, pal.
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  16. Get more Crowe and Ryder on and I will. You should know from TFA I am not a Fat Joe fan and most of the other guys seem to be knocking on the main roster's door soon. I should watch NXT, but honestly I dont even watch WWE atm and that is kind of the fuel with it being nearly a year since I've watched TNA.

    I really only come here to chill with the other regulars. We are like the 6am crowd at the bar - some drinking, some having coffee, but all of us playing Cribbage and talking shit about anything/everything.
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  17. The spectacle and importance of the match made up for Tenryu being old and unable to bend his knees fully. He's legitimately one of the best of all time when you look at wrestling worldwide. He's the only Japanese wrestler to win a mania match (alongside his tag partner. But Tenryu > that guy). Quality is important, but certain matches have that feeling that makes up for there being a lack of traditional quality. It was what WWE aimed for with the WM 28 undertaker match. End of an era.
  18. I agree, I just meant that without knowing the background to the match it is just another old man retiring. I'm not trying to take anything away from it, but personally my MOTY stuff is a match you could put up and show anyone, and they would mark the entire time.
  19. Fully understandable. Some matches need that build to become special. And some can just be fantastic from the word go. Sadly the latter are becoming less and less common. I'd even put the rumble threeway up there are a match made better by the build.
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  20. Ryder is in a team called The Hype Bros with Mojo Rawley and he's being put to good use, unlike when he's on the main roster.

    Crowe was released in late November, and Joe is getting a title shot in London against Bálor (and he's going to lose, I reckon) so I guess you're still going to stay away from NXT.

    On the upside, Sami Zayn's coming back this/next week.
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