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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. A thread to discuss old Pay-per-views and matches. Seen it done in other places, thought we could give it a try here? Or a place where people can do reviews of certain events.

    I'll start: What's everybody's favourite HBK wrestlemania match? Mines would be vs Kurt Angle at 21.

    *Admins feel free to close if something similar has been done already*
  2. For HBK? I would half to said WM12 Bret Hart vs. HBK IN THE60 min. Iron man match! But my fav was HBK vs. Stone Cold for the WWE Champion at WM14!
  3. I think I'll give the Stone Cold one a watch tomorrow :austin:
  4. HBK vs Taker at 25.
  5. I have to say his first time the Undertaker (Wrestlemania 25). Good performance by both of them.
  6. agreed good match hbk vs taker wm 25
  7. I must be the only person on this forum that has not seen either of the HBK Taker matches from 25 and 26!
  8. lol you probly are lol
  9. 25-
    26 -

    You should watch them, quite possibly the best matches in recent memory.
  10. Damn you seabs. Trying my hardest not to watch it again. :upset:
  11. Wow, just watched 25. Fantastic match. The in-ring physcology between the two of them is incredible. That spot from Taker as well with the camerman!

    I'll watch 26 tomorrow as well but going to bed now..