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  1. Ok, I've heard some people don't like the 3 categories we decided on for the matches very much, so I thought I would do this. Give us suggestions and we can try to tally up the favorites and have a vote on which 3 we should use. I figure if you are using these to vote for your peers and they are doing the same to you, then you guys should get some say in what you are grading each other on, right? Do it up quick if you want the change in by MITB voting.

    Current categories are:
    In Character (not a big fan of this one myself lately)
    Conciseness (to the point without going off track/being long winded)
  2. Alignment(how well one plays as a heel/face)
    Kayfabe(how well they stay in bounds in terms of wrestling)
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  3. Oh I kind of like Alignment. Good one.
  4. I'm likin Shadow's. Entertaining could be one, meaning not boring, keeps your attention.
  5. Get rid of Conciseness, replace with Kayfabe and In Character should be Alignment.
  6. I kind of see Alignment and Kayfabe falling into the same vein of thought. Its like two aspects of the same thing to me. I mean, you would be sticking to kayfabe if you did well presenting your alignment in a match right?
  7. Sticking to kayfabe would be like you calling me Roadster and not Tsar while alignment shows what spectrum of character your promo comes from.
  8. OK sure, but how often to people break Kayfabe here? Like, when was the last time that happened in a match? I want these categories to have more chance to be rated instead of being from 8-10 every time. And I just don't think kayfabe gets broken enough to have that as a category. I'm sure people would vote that person down in Quality if they were to do that.
  9. Potential? As in whether the promo was good enough or If it can get better?
  10. Decent, we can add it to the list of finals.

    I know @Dat Kid had some categories he suggested in another thread too.
  11. Potential is not the correct term for that.
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  12. Improvement?
  13. If the definition you used earlier is changed... then yes. Improvement could work.

    The definition you used is quality. That it lived up to a certain standard.
  14. I'm sure Quality will probably stay. It covers alot I think.
  15. I had
    Quality and conciseness up there and replaced in charcter with heel/face
    And added Entertainment

    We also used to have detail but since majority of the IWT readers has ADD i guess that's gone
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  16. Quality
    Potential (high mark for this means they missed out some key points that they could have mentioned, low means they covered everything well)

    Alignment is.. yeah :dawg:
    Kayfabe is the same as in character
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  17. I said this in the group but not sure if you saw it so I nay as well post it here for tag team matches have chemistry as a category
  18. But if both partners have good Quality scores then isn't that chemistry?
  19. Potential? For a current win? You could have it as a nonfactor on the match so people can see their improvement.

    I like kayfabe entertaining and whatever else Shadow posted.
  20. Alignment is just how they play as a face, or a heel. Kayfabe is pretty much refraining from mentioning the creative team, calling somebody a jobber, etc.
    Entertainment would also be a good addition imo.
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