Impact Matt Hardy puts Bray Wyatt on Notice

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  1. “I actually find fondness and appreciation for the Bray Wyatt,” said Hardy. “I see that he is driven by a higher power, much like I am driven and motivated and inspired and given strength by the Seven Deities. I respect how he doesn’t walk the normal path, he carves his own. I would love, one day down that road, to show up in WWE and have a match with the Bray Wyatt. I would love to bring him to my battlefield and delete him–that would be my honor.”


    I would actually like to see Matt back in the WWE just to see this happen. lol
  2. I need to see this match now. Pls Matt ditch TNA soon so this can happen.
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  3. #Broken Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt in a Final Deletion match! Book that shiz!
  4. I don't follow TNA, like at all... I happened to see this so I shared it. But what does the "Broken" bit mean? Is that like since he changed his look or something?
  5. I haven't been following TNA myself (for like 2 and half years now), the only thing I watched was the Final Deletion.

    Here's the deal with the #Broken gimmick:

    You should check out Final Deletion, though. Greatest thing ever.

    Watch this first...

    And then watch The Final Deletion.
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  6. I'll check them out, thanks!
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