May I please present to you at this time, IWT Uprising!

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    For quite a few months now the champions and challengers of IWT have had too much of an easy time competing just once a month, twice at a push.
    However that's all about to change as I present to you IWTs latest extravaganza, Uprising!

    And what better way to introduce Uprising into the IWT universe than by having a HUGE! main event... the current IWT Champion CrayJ Lee goes one on one with the X-Division champion Fluttershy Farooq in a star-studded champion vs champion match!

    We also have the current IWT Heavyweight Champion @Suicide ([email protected] Kid) vs Senhor Perfect in another champion vs champion match!

    In his second managers match of the night, Dat Kid escorts airbourne908 to the ring to face the WoodWarrior himself, Danielson!

    In the first of TWO huge SummerSlam X-Division qualifier matches, DavidTheGiant takes on FailFaceFTW, and in the second massive qualifier match, DKJames takes on MrSackfist!

    Plus, the latest group in IWT The Cure has JwabTV and Eddy335 representing them to take on the pair of Adam568 and NanoRah14, the Creators of Chaos! What will happen when former friends now bitter enemies Adam and Nano team up for one night only, to take on The Cure.

    And finally, Aids Johnson takes on B.Dazzle... wait, no. Forget that. This punk has been running his mouth for too damn long and has the champions running scared, frightened he may cash in on them at any given moment.
    Aids, you think you're such the big guy. Lets see how tough you really are. Aids Johnson takes on B.Dazzle... AND Shannon_724 in a HANDICAP MATCH!

    *Jonathan drops the microphone as the crowd are in shock and awe at what was just announced*

    IWT Uprising will take place from 28th July to 3rd August.


    28th July - DavidTheGiant vs FailFaceFTW
    29th July - DKJames vs MrSackfist
    30th July - Danielson vs airbourne908 ([email protected] Kid)
    31st July - Aids Johnson vs B.Dazzle & Shannon_724
    1st August - JwabTV & Eddy335 vs Adam568 & NanoRah14
    2nd August - Shadoxicity ([email protected] Kid) vs Senhor Perfect
    3rd August - CrayJ Lee vs Fluttershy Farooq
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  2. :okay: I might just need to retire
  3. CoC aren't friends but will do their best to infect the cure in their match
  4. *Adam is sitting backstage watching the announcement, He gets up and kicks down his chair down, He goes mad in his locker room, Officials try to calm him but he just attacks them, Adam beats one till he bleeds and walks off*
  5. ooc when are these matches?
  6. I look forward to a match against you DKJames as I plan on competing for the X-Division title
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  7. Forgot about that, added :) Thanks!
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  8. OOC TY

    IC *Woodwarrior shown backstage, has a meniacle laugh as dates were released*
  9. OOC is my match title vs title or for bragging rights?
  10. No titles are on the line in this show.
  11. Ok
  12. OOC: I think the Cure members shouldn't be able to vote because lots of them would vote for their buddies instead of voing for the best promo. I consider that as asking for votes or vote for themselves.
  13. The members in the match cannot ask other members of The Cure to vote... the other members of The Cure can vote for whoever they want as long as they weren't asked too.
  14. Me and Shannon are going to beat Aids. Then a couple of weeks later, I will beat whoever is the X-Division champion, for that person's title, at Summerslam.
  15. Future Greatness! :D
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  16. And how will you know that they weren't asked to vote for their partners?
  17. I'll ask admins to check.
  18. Sweeeeet to see I'm booked. I'm pumped.
  19. Will you do this for every match as it seems asking for votes could be seen as a problem IWT faces (Gohan incident)
  20. Votes are gonna be public and I will carry out checks often.