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    Luis Ovaldinho & Raine are set next to each other in Lord Lee’s office. The tension between them, while not unbearable, is apparent to both. They manage an eye to eye nod but for the most part the vibe between the two is cumbersome. The awkwardness in regards to the situation being more down to how Ovaldinho’s feelings on their impending match than Raine, who while not entirely composed is at least more accepting than Ovaldinho so far. Eventually she's able to muster some words out her mouth.

    Raine: Luis, we're in IWT to fight at the end of the day. It's our job and our passion after all, but now we get to go face to face ourselves, with Jwab being the added element to the mix.

    Luis tries but fails to give Raine a face resembling anything in good spirits

    Ovaldinho: I just can’t wrap my head around facing you, after how much time we’ve spent together, training and getting to know eachother.

    Raine firmly grasps Luis' arm, sternly making eye contact. Raine sharpens her tone.

    Raine: You are above being this melodramatic. The issue should not be the so called implications from whoever wins, the issue should be how we put on a match to be proud to stamp our names on. Keep these true words I'm saying in that godforsaken head of yours.

    Their conversation is put to a grinding halt as Lord Lee enters the room. He wastes no time sitting in his seat behind the desk. His shit-eating grin is as prominent as always

    Lord Lee: Well hello there, you two. Hope you two weren’t flirting or anything while I talked to my accountant.
    [followed by an over-the-top chuckle].

    Both Luis & Raine react with a look of disdain as Lee grins, appreciating his own banter

    Lord Lee: Jokes aside….

    Lee’s face abruptly changes, a much sterner face appears upon him. He alternates between staring down Raine & Ovaldinho every few seconds

    Lord Lee: What we have here is big. Both of you, both my clients by the way [Ovaldinho subtly groans, unbeknownst to Lee], have a chance of headlining SUMMERSLAM!! Not even I headlined Summerslam. Sure, I beat that part-timer Raynor there in 2014, but it wasn’t quite as good what you two have on offer. So, listen very carefully here, Lord Lee stands up from his chair and plants both of his hands down on to the desk I’m not telling you to ensure Jwab doesn’t win, so to speak, but I’d like to see one of MY clients headlining Summerslam. Just think about the money I.. I, uhh mean WE could be making if either of you won.

    Ovaldinho starts visibly shaking his head

    Lord Lee: Huh?? Mr. Timid want to say something? What’s the big deal anyway, kid? Still grumpy that you’re a tough guy in the ring but can’t even look me in the eye during a me-

    Luis leaps from his seat, tossing the aforementioned seat to the side in response. This unexpected occurrence seems all the more so to Raine, who is visibly shocked by Luis' conduct*

    Ovaldinho: When I agreed for you to be my manager, I thought I’d be getting trained by one of the most experienced wrestlers the IWT has ever had. But all you’ve done is use me as a cash cow, yanking on the already sore teat that is my sponsorship income. I’ve learnt more training with Raine than I have from you.

    Lord Lee's disgust is caked all over his face. He grits his teeth as he digests Ovaldinho’s backlash.

    Lord Lee: The thanks I get for basically gifting you a career here… Maybe Walter Graham and Jeffrey Mason were right! Maybe you didn’t deserve NGW! Maybe….. maybe you and I just need time to clear our heads, away from each other.... so I suggest leaving. Lord Lee assertively points his finger towards the door

    Ovaldinho: Listen here, NEVER try to claim those two feeble, insecure sociopaths are right about me. I won’t have it, ‘boss’. You may been a key factor in me getting to where I am today and supported me when not many didt.. but NEVER and I mean EVER tell me that a closet nonce like Jeffrey knows a thing about this someone like me. Now that’s off my chest I’m outta here. I’ll see you later Lee, soooon…ish.

    Ovaldinho hurries out the door. This leaves Lord Lee, who sits back down in his chair, and Raine who looks back at the door that Lee just left through, she’s left to process what she just saw occur before her very eyes

    Lord Lee: Ok, now it’s just me and you, real talk, yeah?

    Raine: I suppose if my manager has things to tell me then I'm all the more wiser for staying and hearing it.

    Lord Lee: Great! So, uhh, about Luis…. you think he’s hot?

    Raine immediately rises from her seat, her eyes lock on with Lord Lee with a heavy dosage of resentment before promptly leaving the office, leaving Lord Lee to shake his head and puff his cheeks

    Lord Lee: These third wave feminists…Thanks Hillary.

    Raine eventually catches up with Luis, who we find sat on a bench around the corner from Lord Lee’s headquarters. Raine sits on the park bench, alongside Luis. Raine and Luis find themselves surrounded by the serene night sky, the lamppost above the bench provides a warm welcoming glow

    Ovaldinho: Oh, hey. [He mutters in Raine’s general direction]

    Raine: In so many ways you seem so equipped for the task of wrestling in a Colosseum like the IWT yet the prospect of facing me seems to make you go from the most kick-ass competition to a teenager mumbling his words at prom. Harder tasks and more emotionally difficult matches will soon come if your career goes as long and well as it deserves to. So please take this question on for size, do you really have it figured out as a wrestler here?

    Ovaldinho: I mean, I thought I did, especially what NGW taught me. I just hoped Lee would be the one to inspire me to become a world beater….But all wrestlers like you and me seem to be are cogs in the machine for him as he continues to make the profits he did when he was competed himself in IWT.

    Raine: Remember this fact of life Luis, you'll thank me down the line. If you allow egotists and self-servers like Lord Lee to control who you are then that will always be your problem in life. Of course we are still alongside him due to the vital funds he delivers to us and how smart he can be when he isn't an arrogant bastard, but he isn't your puppetmaster, only you can pilot that career of yours. Let yourself be at the wheel when you've made it where you wanted to be.

    Ovaldinho nods, a mild semi-forced smile appears on his face

    Ovaldinho: Yeah, you’re right. I know I’m good enough! Thank you for helping me open my eyes, it’s helped me realise that I need to spend more time listening to whose been with me longest of all; myself.

    Ovaldinho gets up from the bench and Raine follows suit

    Ovaldinho: This is where we depart now. Last time we see eachother before we face in the ring then…

    They both nod, rather reluctantly at that

    Ovaldinho: But hey, *offers his hand to Raine* may the best non-Jwab win.

    They share a momentary laugh as Raine reaches in to shake Ovaldinho's hand

    Raine: I may have put on quite the pokerface for the duration but I truly can't wait to go against you. Just a shame that Jwab is obstructing nature's urge to see us face one on one, but I suppose we can include the boy in our competitive festivities. And, this will show just how much we've come to know each other these last couple of months

    Ovaldinho: Well..we’ll see whose gotten to know the other more at Uprising!

    They laugh once more before parting ways, leaving the area in opposite directions
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