Storyline Meet Alkatrz, newest member of TNG

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  1. *New IWT Superstar " Alkatrz" was seen out by TMZ, who began asking the wrestler some questions*

    TMZ: So "Alkatrz", what is it like being a IWT superstar?

    What do you think it is like? It's work.

    But I thought you joined IWT to "beat people up for fun", is that not true?

    Who are you?

    Uhhh, I'm Josh, I am a journalist for-ughh, TMZ?

    It was rhetorical... MORON.
    I don't answer questions for people. And I sure as hell aint agreeing with you.

    Ughhh, right... So recently you made a name for yourself by joining the despised faction, "The New Generation", what made you want to join them?

    Are you stupid?

    Yes, that was rhetorical too...

    Were you even watching that night? I clearly stated why I joined TNG. You guys are pretty dumb you know that, in fact, I bet you are gonna say I joined TNG because of some [Bullshit] reason. Know what, get out off my face before I [fuck] you up...

    *Alkatrz lunges forwards and punks off the crew, and he continues to his truck*

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