Storyline Meet the Dark Prince

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  1. Eduardo emerges from the curtain, standing at 6"3 with his arms covered in tattoos wearing a black buttoned shirt with the left arm ripped off and the right arm ripped off at the elbow joint, on his right wrist he flaunts a spiked bracelet, quite tight to the wrist to give him some feeling of asphyxiation to his hand, he is wearing a rusty chain as a belt, with a padlock as the belt buckle that holds up his black jeans that fall over his black boots. Eduardo stands on the stage for a moment as a blue skylight falls over him to show his pale face with an evil smirk and his eyes lined with eye liner. He walks down to the ring to an almost hushed audience, who are stunned at the sight of this individual. He ignores the people completely, disregarding the jeers he gets from ringside smarks and steps up the steel steps, he then flops onto the ring apron and rolls under the ring rope and rolls over and over to the center of the ring, he lays on his back with a single blue light on him as he feels his body over the shirt down to the crotch and tugs at his belt before he rolls back onto his knees and he kneels there, eyes closed with his hand clenched and his other hand over it, almost as if he is praying. A stage hand nervously slides in a microphone his side, and after a few moments of silence, Eduardo reaches down to pull up the mic and stands up to the fans. He runs his hand through his jet black wet hair as he stares into the camera, revealing his eyes to now becoming dilated, his mood changes almost immediately as he becomes more shaken, with energy to burst, he snorts and wipes his nose to give the fans an indication he had recently done some blow before coming out, raises the mic to his mouth but cackles and falls on his back holding the mic to him as he continues his evil, devilish cackle, before panting deeply into the mic

    "The things I had to do, I, Me, I had to do to bring myself out here, Eduardo is here...."

    Eduardo laughs in a different frequency as before, and sits up as he stretches one leg out and pulls the other leg into him, he brings the mic back to his mouth

    "Ya'll be crazy damn rednecks, you be blowing my mind, you be stealing my hay, horses and even my dang tugboat to, gosh darn"

    He says as he swings his arm in theatrical effect in front of him as he wides his eyes, he closes them and sways his head left to right

    "Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, goes the clock, everyone, everywhere, there's a mouse! Who cares, death is upon us and we are all rodents"

    Eduardo cackles again before clearing his throat and standing up looking completely serious as he lowers his head

    "The problem with first impressions is, not that you can only make one, but you shallow bastards in the back don't even bother, you make your mind up on people before they even get a chance to show you who they are or who they pretend to be. You all thought I was some crack head who had a mental breakdown there, I'm a crackhead, a junkie, I use and abuse substances because that makes life bearable, We are born into a waiting game to the grave, and all we do is find activities to fill in the concept of boredom, I just found away to take myself out of the boredom and see the real damn picture. It may be the powder talking, but it makes you people look a hell of a lot better, all I see when I look out at this pond of ugly ducklings is faceless shadows, and that is because I have control over the substance, I know in my mind (points to his skull) that I won't ever see you damn people again, I probably will glance at you once tonight and that is why you are shadows. I'm not out here to mingle with the shadows, I'm out here to put a face to a Shallow Bastard, someone who is still playing the waiting game called life, well whoever is in the back, after you do the tango with the dark prince, you'll shoot up the ladder....."

    The camera zooms closer to Eduardo

    "Because I'll leave you in an eternal coma, and let Mom and Dad play god, and let them turn off the most expensive thing in their lives, because you know what, they can always make another"

    Eduardo gets a few boos from the crowd to which he brushes off literally as he brushes his shoulder

    "Oh look at that, your boo did fuck all, I'm still a harsh bastard, if you don't want to hear the damn truth, then go to the fucking snackbar and choke on some popcorn, do the whole world a favor"

    Eduardo is booed a little more from the crowd, but no more than an average mid-card mild heat.

    "Well....I'm waiting for the generic hero to come out here, punch down the evil villain and run me out of town, who will save the poor fans from mean old me?"
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  3. The Music Echo's throughout the arena as Aiden Ryan slowly walks through the smoke which mists the ramp. Staring at the new superstar Aiden sighs, He slides he's hands into he's pockets and slowly walks down to the ring, not taking he's eye off the man. Mouthing words that are not translated he walks up to the steel steps and scales the rope with he's fingers before entering the ring. He asks for a microphone and waits for one of the crew members to hand it to him.

    "Thank you." he mouths to the crew member. He walks past Eduardo

    "Well Aren't you a happy chappy." Aiden responds Looking Eduardo up and down.

    "Before you call me a bastard you might want to take a look at what you are doing to yourself. because the only shadow that's going to cast over you is regret, you are one of those people who snorts all your problems away because deep down inside you are a little coward that cries for understanding at night. That powder is more of a bitch then life itself. And you can come out here and insult the fans till the cows come home but it's never going to make a fucking difference in your life. They are going to go home and sleep peacefully, you are going to go home and snort until you end up in a hospital which quite frankly you belong in and if you want a trip there... you're heading in the right direction. "

    Aiden Responds Clenching he's left fist glaring directly into Eduardo's eyes.
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  4. Eduardo wipes the side of his face up to his hair and holds his hand at the back of his head, He looks Aiden in the eyes and slowly looks down to his shins and smirks

    "So the hero has met the call, but rather than An Opponent, An Actual Wrestler, I get IWT's retared version of Smokey the Bear, I enjoy lighting up a joint and he is there to tell me to put it out."

    Eduardo steps towards Aiden looking up slowly to meet him eye to eye

    "Listen here Smokey, mess with me and we'll have a remake of Bambi, when I put you down, no one will shed a fucking tear when Aiden Ryan gets buried here. You've come out here to be my savior, like a priest...Well I'm flattered, but I don't ever receive Anal, I always dish it out, so next time you come out here wagging your fucking carrot finger, saying no, no, no. Remember that I am no ordinary Junkie, I enjoy pain, whether it's whips, electric shocks or a full on beating, I say yes, yes, fucking yes, and like weed, cocaine, I build up a tolerance and I need harder and harder doses. Looking at you, you scrawny assed shaved monkey, you couldn't give me a damn beating if I had been skinned and tied to a tree like a fucking pinata, You want a match with me. Spoiler Alert, It ends with you Out Cold and me taking a piss on your lifeless body, you want a match? I'll be happy to end your misery"
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