Meet the Generation

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls! Rejects of all nations! Tonight you have witness the birth of something great, something hilarious and possibly even arousing. You have witnessed the return of not only myself. The Emperor of Entertainment, Alkaline. But also the return of the heat seeking missile Eric Draven. But you have also seen the formation of the greatest team in IWT history. The Generation!

    We promise to bring honor, style, class and comedy to the bleak landscape of the IWT. But the generation is so much more than just me and the Dravester. It is a family, and every family needs a father figure. So ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the manager of the Generation... Walter Jr Bearer, the Pigeon Master!

    You now have permission to cheer us!
    (note: no fat chicks, except for Walter he loves fat chicks.)
  2. I was going to cry manly tears of joy until I superkicked myself in the face.
  3. Also is it time for Breakfast?
  4. The time of the coop is upon us children, we have trained hard for this, and although some "champions" in here would rather duck out that man up, we will get our way, pigeons fight to the end. Always.