Meet WWE’s Greatest Grappling Buddies

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  1. Meet WWE’s Greatest Grappling Buddies


    Not just anyone can become a Superstar’s best buddy, but WWE history has shown that a true friend can come from anywhere. Longtime rivals may earn each other’s respect and support one another’s career aspirations. Or, two unlikely allies might find some common ground on which to build a loyal partnership.

    Regardless of where he finds his buddy, a Superstar can do a lot more than just get by in WWE with a little help from his friends. Every competitor gets a big boost from knowing that a comrade stands in his corner and is ready to help topple even the toughest of foes. Maybe their bond brings championship gold or greater glory along the way, but true friends fight to stand up for one another — and, of course, to make sure they’re always having fun.

    Inspired by Mattel’s Brawlin’ Buddies, who are always ready to hug it out or slug it out at a moment’s notice, pays tribute to five of the best brothers-in-arms in WWE history whose care and concern for one another make them prime examples of WWE’s greatest grappling buddies.

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