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  1. The scene is started with footage of a gym. All the machines from treadmills, to benches are all in use. There is classic rock music playing in the background, although some people have their own headphones. Across the back wall is a massive sign reading "Maple Leaf Gym." Sitting on a chair near the wall with a towel on his head is IWT star, Reagan Cole. Wearing an old grey t-shirt, and black shorts, he is beat after a long day of working out. Coming up in IWT, he has a series of big matches in his career, so it is crucial for him to be prepared. But, a familiar voice catches his attention.

    ???: Funny seeing you here, eh?

    Lifting his head, Reagan Cole takes the towel off his head to see a man with black and blonde hair, red gym shorts, a grin on his face and a black t-shirt reading "Enter the Danger Zone." Reagan smiles and gets up from his chair to shake his hand.

    Reagan: Well, if it isn't Mr. Danger himself, Ryan Vendetta?

    Ryan chuckles a bit.

    Ryan: As quick witted as always, Mr. Cole. Weird seeing you here. What reason do you have for being all the way here in Toronto?

    Reagan: I was invited to an independent show for this weekend. I'm in a triple threat. Although I don't know who I am facing...

    Ryan: Haha, well I guess you'll know now. I'm one of them!

    Reagan: Looks like I'll finally get to kick your ass for what happened in Essex! Ha!

    Ryan raises both of his hands and laughs.

    Ryan: Hey! When you're with Storm and a midget pops up, you know chaos happens. So,what have you been up to since "The Anniversary incident?"

    Reagan: You know, I've been in and out of promotions. Getting to wrestle for some great people...Then we have Michael.

    Ryan: Michael who?

    Reagan: Just Michael...for some reason.

    Ryan: No last name? What? Is nobody willing to share the same name as him?

    Reagan: Says the person who uses the nickname, Vendetta?

    Reagan's old friend gives a quick glare at him.

    Ryan: Well, played. Speaking of which, how is it going in IWT? I haven't been following much, and while I'm at it, sorry for not joining you at IWTMania. It's just after what happened, I couldn't bring myself to a ring right away.

    Reagan: Don't worry man, Michael decided to bring it down to four on two anyway. Why? I have no clue. I guess he just loves to have an excuse and see two of his guys get beat up by a flamboyant Mexican, a former street fighter, and a man-child.

    Reagan sits back down in his chair before continuing to speak.

    Reagan: But, I guess I'm a bit nervous for what is coming up...

    Ryan: What? Is Michael forcing you to face the walking candy cane from hell again?

    Reagan: No...surprisingly not. Just the thing is, I have a lot of important matches up ahead in IWT.

    Ryan: How many?

    Reagan: Two, both with Championship implications.

    Ryan: Ha! Now you know how I feel when I was Roulette Champion!

    Reagan: You know I would have won if we went one on one.

    Ryan: Well, we have this weekend to answer that. But, who are you facing, dude?

    Reagan: I am facing Will Savat in a tournament to be the first ever Universal Champion and also I am fighting Jack Forté for the Intercontinental Championship.

    Vendetta pulls up a chair and sits next to Reagan.

    Ryan: Sounds a bit rough, eh?

    Reagan: Yup. I really don't want to mess up... like I've done before. About a year and a half ago, I kept losing and losing. Frankly, that killed my confidence for a while. But as of late, I've been on a little upswing. I've been winning my matches and regaining my stride, hell I even won a 30 man battle royal. Now, I have not one, but two chances to be Champion. I'm worried if I fuck up, I'll just end up back where I was.

    Ryan: Hey, Reagan. I'm not going to lie here, you have a lot of odds against you. But, I know you. You're one of the most resilient people I've got to know in the wrestling industry. Even looking at you back where we were, you improved a lot and frankly if Storm and I weren't going to win the tag team titles, we would have loved if you won. Because you worked hard and went through a lot of tough shit. A rough life growing up, dealing with bullies, idiots, and you're career has had a lot of ups and downs. If anyone can do it, it's you.

    Reagan: Thanks, I guess. But it doesn't change that I have a massive hill to climb. Say, you had two matches in one night before, both with title implications. How did you do it?

    Ryan: Honestly, just not giving up and trying my best.

    Reagan Cole shakes his head.

    Reagan: That sounds cliché as shit.

    Ryan: Well, there isn't much else. When you are fighting against those kind of odds, you can't just give into them. And hell, there is a good chance you may not win it all. If Anniversary would have happened, I doubt I would have survived all three matches. But all you can do is dig down deep, fight smart, work hard and give it your best shot. Besides, who are you facing? Will Savass and Jack Kia Forte?

    Reagan: Close...really close...not really.

    Ryan: You know what I mean! But look, you are Reagan Cole, the most high-flying, electrifying, trail-blazing, and truely amazing wrestler on the planet! Here is what you are going to do.

    Vendetta puts his hand on Reagan's shoulder and looks across the room. Reagan, feeling a bit awkward, looks at him cross-eyed.

    Ryan: You are going to face Mr. Savio...

    Reagan: Not his name...

    Ryan: Shush, you're messing with my mojo...But you are going to face this self-proclaimed All-Star. You are going to lock him in a Cole Lock so deadly, his knee will snap in two and wll fly into the stands...

    Reagan: What if kids are watching?

    Ryan: It will toughen them up! Then after, Will-i-am Sawatt will be relegated to the minor leagues, be forced to work a second job selling ice cream to make ends meet. As for Jack Kia Rio, you are going to hoist him up for the Fire of Cole and he will simply crash and burn so hard, that Jack Honda Civic will be sent to the junkyard and be turned into the can I put my alphabet soup in.

    Reagan: You were a lot less violent, last time I saw you....

    Ryan: Hey man, didn't you hear, violence sells in wrestling. At least that is what I have heard on the internet.

    Reagan: Did you hear that from Jeffry Mason?

    Ryan: No...screw that guy that and his dirty neck beard! But look Reagan. The point I am getting to is you have an amazing opportunity ahead of you. It's your chance to really prove what you're made of, win or lose.

    Reagan: You have a point there, Live-Wire.

    Ryan: What can I say, I can be shocking sometimes. Haha.

    Reagan: This is why I removed your number from my phone.

    Ryan: Why? Because I sent you pictures of my-

    Reagan: Yea! That...thing.

    Ryan: Jeez, who thought someone would make a big deal over a picture of a platypus from the zoo?

    Reagan: They weird me out okay!? They're like half-beaver and half-duck. WHICH ONE IS IT?

    Ryan: Whatever! Look, make the most of this chance, buddy. Win or lose, you're going to show them just how far you've come.

    Reagan stands up from the chair and grips Vendetta's hand in a firm handshake.

    Reagan: Thanks for your words of "encouragement" I appreciate it, see ya Saturday?

    Ryan: You know it! As for Bill Savat and Jack Four-tea, get ready...

    Reagan: For the Cole way!

    Just as Reagan finishes what he is saying, the lights of the gym go out and both men realize they are the only ones in the gym.

    Reagan: I think we might have talked too long....

    Ryan: Yeah, looks like we're in DANGER of being here the whole night...

    Reagan: For fucks sake...Why does something dramatic always happen when you're around?

    The camera fades away.

    OOC (open)
    Thank you to the beaver, CanadianR who helped with this promo through skype.
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    Nice to see the beaver can still make long as fuck promos
    EDIT: By "nice" I mean sad.
    YET ANOTHER EDIT: Probs a bit too much. Sorry
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  3. Sad to see the Beaver hasn't fucked off
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  4. Will TorontoN be joining the IWT?
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  5. okay, Question what has he done to you? Because from my perspective, he's done nothing wrong and I'm sick of all of the people randomly hating on him because Rusty, I remember him HELPING you to make your promos better by giving you advice. So why do you suddenly hate him? answer me it.
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  6. I'm being unusually sarcastic. I may need to reel back on worked shoot humour.
    Yeah. I guess, sorry (boss :kappa:)
  7. Because Canadianr has, and always will be, a passive aggressive shill. No I'm not being paranoid either so don't bother trying to make that excuse.

    Any and all suggestions on NGW were met by him with demeaning faux politeness. Rare would he come up with an original opinion or fact and would instead parrot the thoughts and feelings of Jeffry and Punk, before ending with a smiley face after a round of his shit humor.

    I'm sure to some people MontrealY is a nice enough guy, but to me (and believe me, many others) he was an annoying, narcissistic, unfunny twat. I bare no ill will to Punk, Jeffry, Gino and anyone else in that group. But fuck QuebecV, I dislike him immensely, I dislike his jokes and I dislike how fake he is.
  8. Technically it was one cos if I remember correctly, I did my second promo for anniversary, asked for advice. Used said advice for one more promo.
    Just a nitpick
  9. "This was good for your first time ^_^"
  10. so because you don't share his sense of humour, you suddenly dislike him? and because he's a nice guy? I've talked to him many times on skype and I can tell you right now that he's not fake. Plus the site ended what was it? a couple of months ago? and you can't let go any feelings towards the guy or hell, keep them to yourself?
    he said that but then he went into ways to make it better, so why are you quoting one line?
  11. Yeah man, I find him unfunny so I hate him haha.

    Like I said, any instance we've spoken or he's spoken to my friends, he's come across as extremely fake and faux polite. Like I also said, I'm sure he's nice enough to people he actually likes. And don't get it twisted, I don't hate anyone who happens to be friends with him either, more power to you.

    Yes the site did end, thankfully I haven't had to think of him since. I won't suddenly stop disliking him because I haven't had to interact with him for a while. If he shows up here in any capacity (especially when he isn't even part of the fed) of course I'm going to be against it, I like you Reag, surely you should know me by now that if I don't like someone, they are going to know about it? Of course I won't keep my opinion of him on the hush hush.
  12. No beef brother, but all this beaver've just gotta....
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  13. Lads, let the man promo in peace. If you don't like him, then don't talk to him. If he's so overbearing, ignore/block him. If CanadianR wants to join, then let him.
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  14. I'm also going to ask that you leave anything TWF related (bad, of course) behind, I don't want to see negativity all over the place here.
    You can't say anything you like to people and pass it off as banter to get away with it. It's only banter if everyone can take it and have fun with it.
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