Storyline Meeting In The Dragon's Den

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  1. We return to the scene which we left in the previous short: the cave mouth which The Lone Wanderer has just walked into moments ago. Smoke continues to pour out of the entrance to the cave for a moment before, suddenly, the camera swoops into cave.

    Once again, we see the outline of The Wandering Warrior from behind, never seeing his face. With just the rugged, torn up clothes on his back and a single torch of fire, he ventures deep into the cavern. He comes to a fork in the path and looks left and right (the camera sweeping left and right so The Torch Bearer's face cannot be seen) before he looks down (once again, the camera doing so with him) to show a large set of clawed feet moving to the left path.

    Typically, The Lone Warrior takes the left path.

    He continues down this path for a while until, without warning, a wispy, whooshing sound moves down the tunnel and immediately extinguishes the torch. The Loner swears under his breath, but then a blinding light of orange sweeps down the corridor towards him. He backs away and falls backwards as this light turns out to be fire, which happens to rise upwards and over him before disappearing as soon as it appeared.

    In the darkness, The Man can be seen picking up the long stick that was once his torch. He rises to his feet and stumbles around the corner to where he stops dead in his tracks.

    Looking dead ahead, grunting loudly.

    A creature:

    A dragon.

    Confidently, The Adventurer speaks:

    ''Hello, my friend''

    The Dragon and The Warrior lock eyes for a moment, keeping the tension rising and rising as The Wanderer takes a single step backwards.

    Then, The Dragon roars, and the scene suddenly cuts to black.

    Another monologue appears on the screen:

    ''Monday, 24th October''
    ''IWT Dragon Rising''
    ''James Dragon vs Guernica''
    ''The Unstoppable Beast vs The Dragon Slayer''

    ''This Is The End''
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