Meltzer News on Ken Anderson-TNA

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  1. Also, a funny bit on Tito & Rampage:

    [Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]
  2. Anderson returning would be awesome. Always funny to see this Bellator thing fail after having to hear about it so much on IW.
  3. Doesn't Impact still kick Bellator's ass weekly despite hearing about it non-stop?

    But what else would you expect? Wrestling fans don't care about MMA, and nobody wants to watch this match. Isn't it like the MMA version of Sting/Hogan, except without the pro wrestling aspect that saved that match?

    Kinda off topic: Also was listening to a classic Bryan and Vinny talking about the Pacman Jones thing, and they were quoting ESPN talking about how TNA is looked at as the Arena League of pro wrestling... wonder how much that kind of mindset hurts both companies? Not that many people see it as the McDonalds vs Burger King type thing we do.

    Gonna report on Anderson later, Impact's on! :win:
  4. I would mark so hard. I might/will mark my ass off. I am an Anderson fan either way but the way he went out makes for such a great babyface vs bully feud after it's all said and done.
  5. I will be in support of him returning IF he doesn't get stale again.

    He can become boring so quick it's something unbeliavable.

    Hope they book him right and Anderson remains hot babyface for at least a few good months.
  6. What's Arena League (I feel like I'm helping your point by asking this, but still)?