News Meltzer reports Triple threat ME at WM 31???

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. I'm obviously not the best when it comes to judging how reliable some of these news stories are, but apparently Meltzer has reported on a podcast that McMahon has decided to listen to the fans and make the ME at WM 31 a triple threat match between Lesnar, Reigns, and....of course....Daniel Bryan!

    What do you guys think of that, eh?
  2. Bryan vs Reigns ending in a DQ or whatever at Fast Lane, then leading up to a triple-threat at Mania, I can totally see it happening.
    And I'm loving the fact the WWE is gonna look so phenomenally weak by caving in to the fans for the second year straight after screwing Bryan.
  3. This move doesn't smell like Vince to me. You think it was HHH?
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if it was Hunter.
  5. If this is true, I don't love it. What, are we going to have to Bryan main event everything and hold the title until the overgrown babies decide that Bryan isn't their sweetheart anymore?
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    They (myself included) want Bryan on top of the mountain right now, I'm perfectly fine with Reigns being crowned the champ at WM 32, can't say I'd love it if he won it this year b/c I prefer Bryan.

    And Bryan shouldn't be on top for the next 10 years (like Cena's been for the past decade), it should vary from time to time and include guys like Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns, Zayn, Balor, Owens, Cesaro, Wyatt, Ziggler and of course, Bryan.
  7. Yeah my reaction, as much as I hate to admit it, was Miz-esque:
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  8. All aboard, here comes the DB hate train. LOL
  9. I don't hate the guy at all, in fact I'm a big fan of his in his regular life. He's an awesome guy with a good sense of humor. But is the WWE universe just going to bitch about him not being on top until they get their way? And for how long? That's what I'm not liking at this point.
  10. I, for one don't hate him. I really like DB, but having things chopped and changed to make way for him (again) is stupid. Last year, WWE got entirely lucky with the way they averted disaster and made it almost look like it was their clever plan all along. This time, it's not like that at all.

    Doing that sets a precedent where they're basically under the thumb of the 'majority' because now it feels like every time something doesn't go the way they want it to- they'll just threaten to cancel the network and moan about it until they get what they want.
  11. I'll answer to you and to @Trip in the Head in this same post.

    My guess is that they just want a proper title reign for DB, it doesn't have to last as nearly as much as Punk's, but we just want him on top right now, b/c he couldn't have it last year due to injury.

    WWE was stupid to think that screwing with Bryan at the Rumble in such crappy fashion wasn't gonna backfire. I didn't have a problem with Reigns winning the Rumble at all.
    My problem was how DB, DZ, Wyatt and Ambrose got eliminated, but mainly about DB getting eliminated.
    They had hyped his return and used him to get more subscribers for the Network and then they pissed on him at the Rumble, nah-ah. That's not how it works, so the crowd decided to piss on everyone else, and especially on the RR winner... Which wasn't really fair b/c Reigns didn't deserve that treatment, but hey, that's on you WWE. Now deal with it.
  12. Personally I would rather have had DB eliminated in the way he was then dumped out like trash near the end by big show and kane with the others. I guess that's just me though.

    Really they should've just not written the end of the RR out with Show and Kane cleaning house like they did IMO.
  13. It is a shame that Bryan didn't get his proper run, but injury happens- the company still has to move along. I had more of a problem with them taking away the title because he couldn't defend it- instead giving it to a guy who (in kayfabe terms) chose not to defend it for like three months of his reign, but the higher ups were okay with that and seemingly didn't see that being problem.
    As for the Rumble crowd, it was Philly. Stupid of WWE to try and pull stupid shit in front of a crowd that they knew would be dicks. I do agree that they shouldn't have made every other babyface look so bad, but I guess they thought that would somehow help to make Reigns look better (like holding the record for most eliminations in one RR wasn't quite good enough)
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  14. LOL, that was some cringe-worthy crap they did by dumping guys out like trash. Plus, Big Show and Kane were one of the final men to be eliminated and it's 2015. Wow!

    Maybe he shouldn't have been in the Rumble in the first place or maybe shouldn't have been announced for it. Then, the crowd (maybe) would have accepted Reigns' victory a bit better.
    But, what's done is done.
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  15. same old shit! same old shit! same old shit!

    this fucking blows if true. Fuck Daniel Bryan marks
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  16. Calm down, nothing's certain yet. lol

    Plus, if they don't end up adding Bryan to the ME, they run the risk of having Reigns being booed once more and they don't want their next top guy being turned heel before his first major title win.
  17. One shit head crowd does not a heel turn make.

    Adding Bryan won't prevent them from booing Reigns when he wins, either. The little pussies will cry no matter what happens if DB isn't in the main event and winning.
  18. Man I couldn't wait for D'Z to show up in this thread.

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  19. That'd be so unfair to Reigns if it happened.
    I, for one, won't have a problem with Reigns winning at either Fast Lane or WM 31, nor did I have a problem with the guy winning the Rumble.

    It's cool with me. But I'd also love it if DB was added to the ME... Because I'm a huge fan (yes, it is unfair to do it to Reigns b/c he's the legitimate RR winner) and because WWE would look so weak for caving in to the fans for the second year in a row after screwing Bryan. They had to know better, seriously. It was pretty much the same crowd from last year.

    But we'll see what happens.
  20. Someone tell me how this makes the main event better, other than appeasing a vocal minority?

    Reigns vs Brock is the match that needs to be booked, the story that needs to be told. Bryan getting mixed up in this year's angle is nothing like last year, especially because we all know he isn't winning this year.

    This is wasting the rub of Lesnar by deluding the match.
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