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    Other Most Hated in ROH and TNA

    ROH: I dunno, don't watch them. Those redneck guys kinda scare me. TNA: IMO, Khoya, Crazzy Steve (I like his new gimmick but mostly what I've seen him do is jump on people's heads and bite them) and Tyrus are probably the worst wrestlers. I dislike Aiden O'Shea's gimmick but idk if he can...
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    News WWE Cleans house. Release week 2016

    What the fuck... releasing Sandow a month after he got one of the biggest WM32 pops... wow, what wasted potential. I hope Sandow goes to TNA. I can just imagine him cutting promos with the likes of EC3, Mike Bennett and Eli Drake. Same goes for Wade Barrett, him being in TNA would be awesome...
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    Impact Weekly TNA Impact Discussion Thread

    You get to wrestle with people like Galloway, EC3, Storm etc. on live TV that is broadcasted all over the world with a big chance of winning gold if you're good. IMO, if TNA is actually sold soon, assuming it's a competent buyer, TNA can be stable and then you can work your way up comfortably...
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    Impact Weekly TNA Impact Discussion Thread

    Caleb Konley is someone I don't know much about, same with Sienna, but I hear they're good so I'm fine with it. Robbie E has also re-signed, he's great. Fantastic news! Keep 'em coming.
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    Impact Velvet Sky's done with TNA

    Meh, I don't really care about her tbh. I think they could put that money towards some different talent. It is sad to see so many familiar TNA faces leaving though. I guess TNA's new signings (Pepper Parks, Cherry Bomb etc.) from the indies who I haven't seen much of could evolve into memorable...
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    Impact The rumored secret TNA investors are....

    Fucks sake, Dixie, you should've sold the company to Toby Keith and JJ. Can't they just buy it now? You have a decent roster (plus your own additions), POP TV (so an actual TV deal which is better than what they have) and you can do GFW vs TNA once again but this time with championships on the line.
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    Extreme Rules Extreme Rules advert

    "bug sex < wrestling" Sign me up.
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    Payback Two Matches Confirmed

    Isn't there some doubt over whether Kidd will even return in the ring considering how he was pretty lucky to even be able to walk again? (I hope he does return though, I need to see Cesaro and Kidd tag team and blow my mind again.)
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    SPOILER! SmackDown - April 14th [Results]

    Oops, I wrote that terribly - was supposed to mean that it was indeed a good show but Ryder losing made me question their sanity. I wish they would do more big surprises on Smackdown (and reduce the number of shows), RAW was most of the good big storyline advances and well, it's kinda hard to...
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    SPOILER! SmackDown - April 14th [Results]

    What the fuck is this? Seems like a good show... oh and of course, they're dropping Ryder from the IC title race by the looks of this. There's plenty of guys who could've eaten the pinfall. I wish WWE would see how good the IC title scene could be, like have the IC division actually be a thing...
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    Impact Weekly TNA Impact Discussion Thread

    True, true... although, the real biggest problem GFW has faced so far (in my opinion) has been getting a TV deal in place. TNA has been able to get POP TV this year and so I wonder if JJ would've been able to work with the existing roster + new additions, given that he would have his own new...
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    WWE treatment of Zack Ryder

    Ryder could be money as the big midcard babyface champ but WWE clearly don't give 2 fucks. I'd like to see Miz vs Ryder vs Cesaro tbh as the big midcard feud, but for them to not even build up Ryder defending against Miz at Payback... it kinda sucks. They could've given Miz a few wins here and...
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    Impact Weekly TNA Impact Discussion Thread

    Sigh... I hear they could get new investors but Dixie needs to give up her majority share of the company. Can she just do it? At this point, it's really sad, like TNA had a good start to the POP era but things don't look bright, if they're getting kicked out of their offices and need to raise...
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    Impact Jeff Jarrett uses GFW to sell pyramid scheme

    Oh right, haha, I should've known. Wow, JJ is getting desperate, isn't he?