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    OOC WWE2K19

    Me and @Papa Franku's ear would be happy to help you get this league started up if you need any help.
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    OOC 2K19

    What isn’t fella?
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    OOC 2K19

    I’d be interested in helping you start this up
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    Yo yo yo

    Yo yo yo
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    OOC Sign-Up Thread/Rules (17/18)

    @Skywalker @Geek773 @Sanic Forum username: MintMidget69 PSN ID: Chef_632 Character Name: Todd McKay Face/Heel: Heel Gimmick/Backstory: No real gimmick. Former intercontinental champion (2K17 xbox league) Finisher(s): Inverted crush 1 and swinging neckbreaker 6 Opening promo: Kanye West -...
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    Sign-Up and League Rules

    @Emo @Jet Starr Forum Name: @MintMidget69 Gamertag: F4T SPuD FuZZ Superstar: Judy Parker Alignment: Face Tag-Team Partner: N/A Finishers: Gun Stun (Parker special), Jumping Neckbreaker (Inverted Parker special) *Judy is seen sitting at a bar in some tight jeans, a black 'Prefab Sprout' t-shirt...
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    Why Fans Need To Stop Chanting CM Punk

    It was chanted at Triple H whilst he was trying to start an NXT Takeover.
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    Why Fans Need To Stop Chanting CM Punk

    He's clearly relevant in some way if people are still chanting his name.
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    Kayfabe Todd McKay before his Viewers Choice match

    *Todd steps out of The Syndicate's locker room and begins to walk towards the entrance area so that he can make his entrance. Todd bumps into referee Shawn Burton and the two begin to exchange words* Shawn Burton: Todd! If I was you I'd just not go out there 'cause most the other refs just...
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    OOC The Out of Character Thread

    Hey, that's pretty good.
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    Kayfabe The Syndicate Address

    *Todd grasps the mic after being handed it by Fireshock. He paces in front of the rest of the group soaking in the boos from the crowd before raising up the mic to his mouth* Todd McKay: Well, well, well. Looks like Mr. Starr can't catch a break. The Intercontinental title can't seem to stay...
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    Kayfabe Celebration

    *Todd Is seen exiting The Syndicate's locker room with his title belt and his wrestling gear still on. He has just defeated Chris Young and has just finished celebrating with the rest of The Syndicate when he bumps into Faith Brewer* Todd McKay: Fancy meeting you here Faith. *Todd is visibly...
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    Weekly Adrenaline Rush (Week 12) Results (Short-form)

    #RealityCheck #CockyMiz #MizandMorrison #Twat
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    OOC The Out of Character Thread

    That's sad... no, really