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    SPOILER! Rate NXT 9/18/2019

    They can't show the second hour because Suits is still running new episodes. Once that gets out of the way, the full two hours will be on USA
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    News NXT Coming To USA Network September 18th

    If NXT does go to the USA Network, what does that mean for international viewers
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    SPOILER! AEW Fight Fight for the Fallen

    I do like the way this stage it looks radically different than what WWE has done ever if backed this reminds me so much of WCW in a good way
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    News AEW TV Deal Confirmed on TNT

    I have been missing my Turner wrestling since 2001
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    WrestleMania Rate Wrestlemania 35

    Kofi Kingston finally attained the biggest prize after 11 years
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    SPOILER! Rate NXT Takeover New York

    Watching Riddle vs Dream back for a 3rd time Super impressed by Matt and his moveset Velveteen is a future main eventer
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    Elimination Chamber Rate Elimination Chamber 2019

    Orton vs Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title would have been a good match to do at Wrestlemania 35
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    Royal Rumble Alex B's Royal...Rumbling

    I think the 2 Women's Championship Matches will steal the show
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    Evolution Rate Evolution 2018

    Toni Storm vs Io Shirai was good! I wish they got another five minutes
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    SPOILER! Rate NXT Takeover Brooklyn Four

    NXT Takeover was insane each match was great good to see Dream and Ciampa get the wins
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    SPOILER! Rate Raw 7/2/2018

    Dr Shelby is back and everything is right in the world again
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    NXT TakeOver: New Orleans [Live Discussion]

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    SmackDown Live: April 3rd, 2018 [Live Discussion]

    Finally! It's about time that Kevin Owens finally broke out the KOMania 3 shirt for WrestleMania
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    Royal Rumble Rate Royal Rumble 2018

    Royal Rumble 2018 delivered one of the greatest Royal Rumble matches of all time
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    News Goldberg is officially announced as the first member of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame class

    Goldberg is main eventing the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame That could be a very interesting speech