Men's opinion about bags.. (SERIOUS)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Bags like these.. Fashion, okay, gay?

    Tell me.
  2. http:emoji_confused:/
  3. Get a tote bag instead. More socially acceptable for men to have, at least here in Europe.
  4. copy cat :sad:
  5. A bit gay mate.
  6. Sweden*

  7. Not really a fan of bags myself, just seem like an accessory a women would generally have.
  8. Man bags can be OK but that's some Mary Poppins style stuff avoid it IMO.
  9. I need to keep my shit safe somewhere..:dawg:
  10. Messenger bags are the best bet IMO.
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  11. If anything I say get a backpack, that bag looks like it's for a woman. Walking around with that, people may accuse you of being gay.
  12. Id never carry a bag like that so to me it is GAY!!

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  13. that shit is a man purse dog

    just get a backpack or something. wtf do you have that you need to carry around anyway?


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  14. Deo, gum, pack o' cigz, sunglasses, hugo boss, and some other stuff..

    I'll use my backpack.. It gets so hot on my back.. :((
  15. I use one of these shoulder bags


    Fits all I need in it and looks good/serious.

    Not me on pic btw