Storyline Mentally And Physically Bruised

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  1. *The scene opens up at the local hospital a couple blocks down from the MITB PPV that just came to a close. The camera crew walks into a patient's room where we see Joey Bryant laying in a hospital bed, watching the replay from MITB. He is bruised on the face and his chest is scratched up and bruised as well. The IWT Title is sitting next to him on a table as the nurses tend to him.*

    "Please, my people are here, leave me alone. I'm fine."

    *He shoos the nurses away and they walk out of the room and Joey closes his eyes for a few moments. An interviewer for IWT walks into the room with a microphone and startles Joey who still has his eyes closed.*

    "I said go away! I'm fine for God's sa..."

    *He opens his eyes and sees the interviewer and lays his head down on the pillow.*

    "Oh... it's one of you. What do you want."

    Interviewer: Joey... you were taken out of the arena in an ambulance without even witnessing the end of the IWT Money in the Bank match, did you get the chance to catch it?

    "Of course, I watched the replay. I was torn because I so badly wanted to make Sackfist pack his bags and leave this company again, and crush his dreams from ever becoming IWT Champion for a second time, but I gotta be honest, you're looking at one of B.Dazzle's number one fans, he's a part of the second generation and I'm glad to see him win. It's his time, but I'll be damned if he thinks he's taking my title... I wouldn't be shocked if he ran in the room right now with the contract and pinned me in the hospital, that's how hungry for the gold I know he is. But he'll have to wait, I'm not in fighting spirit...for the first time in my career."

    Interviewer: You speak of the second generation, well, I have to ask. Alias Antonio turned his back on you and Kaizer tonight, in a shocking beat down. Midas and Andrew stood by and watched as Antonio demolished you both with a chair, costing you a chance to become a tag champ. Your thoughts on that?

    *Joey takes a deep breath and closes his eyes again like he's replaying the moment over and over again in his head. He keeps his eyes closed for a bit as he speaks.*

    "Alias Antonio and I have had a strange relationship since both of our debuts last year. I hated him and he hated me for a good portion of our careers, hell I can remember almost every promo where I called him out for no reason or he'd call me out, we were constantly taking shots at each other and when we did finally meet up in the ring, he beat me. I admitted he was the better man and that was all around the time when Dat Kid left and then he realized we both had a common enemy. Thus, forming the second generation. He claims he created the second generation, bullshit. I was the one that brought up the name the second generation, I was the one that gave shoutouts to every one of my brothers in the second generation, while he, he was just in for the ride I guess. Him turning his back on me, he may think that's the best move of his career, for us to just go back to enemies. You fucked with the wrong dude on the wrong night, Antonio. I honestly always looked at you as an equal, we both rose together as the top stars of this company and he doesn't feel like there's room for the two of us anymore. I guess he's right, he's sick of his title being looked at as inferior to mine, he's sick of being overlooked and seeing my name everywhere he looks, and I can understand that. What I can't seem to understand is why he made his move now, why couldn't we run this company for many more months, Antonio? We were the kings of the kingdom and you want this place to be your own personal battlefield. I'm the IWT Champion, which means I'm better than everyone on the roster. You're the World Heavyweight Champion, which means you're better than everyone else except Joey Bryant."

    *He moves a bit to pick up his championship but cringes in pain and doesn't even bother to try and move anymore and rests his head back on the pillow.*

    "I'll be back in an IWT arena in no time, you can count on that. I don't need answers nor do I want them, everyone I've affiliated with in my career has turned their backs on me and Antonio is just another one of them. They realize I'm becoming a bigger star than them and they shut me down but just like every time I get back up and show them why I've always been the bigger star."

    *He smiles for a second and takes a sigh of relief.*

    "You don't even know that joy I felt when I heard Dat Kid utter those words "The first generation is dead." Those words are music to my ears, I could listen to Dat Kid say that every day of my life and I'd never get sick of it..."

    *The smile fades from his face and he looks away from the camera, as if he's about to break down.*

    "When Alias Antonio made his move to take out Kaizer and I, I realized the second generation can't live on without a star like him. Sure, we got B.Dazzle, the IWT MITB winner, we got Nick, the WHC MITB winner and X-Division champion, Kaizer, the European champion, and while Dazzle and Nick don't preach the words of the second generation, they are a part of it, and I'm proud of them. But Alias Antonio was a co-leader of this war on the first generation and without him wanting any part of it..."

    *He closes his eyes once again.*

    "The second generation is lifeless, at rest..."

    *He shakes his head and turns off the light in his room as the scene fades.*
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    EDIT: Damn this scene makes me think of the Mankind/McMahon/Stone Cold incident in the hospital all those years ago lol. I'm waiting for someone to show up with a clown and balloons to help "cheer you up" hahaha
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  3. Chris Kaizer tip toes in and gets into the bed.

    Finally, a real bed to sleep in.

    Kaizer slept.
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  4. It's only gay if we look each other in the eyes.
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