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  1. Celestia is shown walking in a graveyard. She's wearing a black robe as she pasts by many graves. "B.Dazzle.....Adam....Gav.....Aids.....Dat Kid...Christian....Eric Draven....Rodrigo.....Victoria...Nick.....Alkaline.....Perfect...." The tombstones read as she passes by them all and finally reaches the center of the graveyard. A dead tree, decaying with nearly all of it's branches gone is where she sits at.

    "You may ask, what is this place and why do the tombstones bear the name of these IWT performers, if they are not merely gone yet. Allow me to answer that, the location is obvious it's a graveyard. When a person loses their life, their breath and passes on, they fall to the ground. They are useless, no longer full of life and have no choice but to be buried to the ground here. Their life consists of people stepping on the dirt over them, coming over to give them pity and cry for what once was. To mourn for the past, then leave and look ahead to the future...."

    Chrysalis chuckles and stands up, looking at the camera as she covers her face. "That is why these tombstones bear the names they have now. Everybody that is lost in IWT, are dead. They are pitiful, and are only here for me to step on them to enter the house of success. They are the past, and just like the past they all shall be left behind. As for me, I am the future. I am the one that reads history, learns it's mistakes and conquers everyone else. I am not a performer, not a wrestler, not just a leader, but a Conqueror. Just like Attila the Hut, I will lead the Ministry of Darkness into battle and take everyone of you down....and IWT is not Rome. IWT will all into our hands, and when it does....well...." Chrysalis turns her back to the camera and laughs maniacally. "Everyone will fall to their knees and beg for their lives like the dogs they are!"
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  2. OOC: I really, really like where this is going.
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  3. *gav is sat at home watching on his new tv*

    (gav the chav) hahahaha stupid cow the only person that is getting on there knees begging is you and whilst you there you can suck us off
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  4. I'm the only one who noticed he said Atilla the hut? Anyone?
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  5. Nah I considered correcting it. Decided there are enough of your kind here on WWEF.
  6. Mentioned cause it made me think of Star Wars. :gusta:
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  7. Lol I was like hmmmmmm
  8. Hey Huts had power in Star Wars too :finger:
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  9. *gav turns off his tv grabs his car keys and heads to the arena he arrives there 10 mins later and parks his car in a disabled space and heads straight to the ring grabbing a mic on his way to the ring*

    (gav the chav) gav is really pissed off now like really pissed off last week at survivor series me and b.dazzle finished off the cure we fucked them up real bad so bad that they've now split up on that same night this group formed they done it by kidnapping adam aeries like anyone would actually give a fuck hahaha i even had to tell my mate b.dazzle about it earlier coz he didn't have a fucking clue clearly you made some impact

    Now today there i was watching my tv and your stupid ugly fucking mug appears on my tele i fucking shit meself i thought it was an alien wheres fucking duke nukem when you need him but seriously though who the fuck do you think you are targeting me like that you fucking cheeky little slag you won't last 5 mins with gav the fucking chav i'll fight the fucking lot of yas gav the chav v the ministry of bellends haha gav like the sound of that
  10. "Frank the Jock is that you?"
  11. (gav the chav) here cheeky **** i'm fucking gav the chav treat me with some respect you little cretin and whils't your there suck us off!
  12. The camera suddenly shows on the Titantron a giant purple and yellow, pimped out towing vehicle. Melky Seaman is hooking up everything to @gav the chav's ride, just putting the final clamp on. Melky clicks a button and the door opens to his vehicle, and as he gets in, the hydraulics bump the read of the truck up, lifting Gav's car up before smashing the rear tires on the ground. He honks his pimp horn as he drives away, as Gav looks on.
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  13. Chrysalis shakes her head and sighs. "Fucking morons....still not as stupid as Eva Marie."
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  14. I heard eva marie gives better blowjobs than you
  15. "You talk so much about blowjobs, I assume you must know how to give one yourself, or did you study by watching your parents?"
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  16. Have you met my parents? @Seabs @Crayo
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  17. "I have. I heard they inspired the motion picture Brokeback Mountain. Starring Gav the Chav and B.Dazzle." :pipebomb:
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  18. here shut the fuck now you scruffy cow or i'll bitch slap your ass normally i wouldn't hit a woman but i'll make an exception for you
  19. Some smarks start sitting down. "Like oh my gosh, Gav vs Chrysalis in a graveyard, marking!" "Shut up dude, like women can't wrestle!" "Lololo Gav sucks! Fluke!!" "IM A BENOIT GUY!!"

    Chrysalis facepalms and shakes her head once more.
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  20. Dat Kid watches in the locker room

    Senhor's not dead? :jeritroll: