Message to Jonathan and Aids

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  1. Farooq's music fills the arena as a loud pop of cheers began to erupt. Farooq walks onto the stage with tights on, and a shirt with a public enemy logo on the back. The fans cheer his name as Farooq walks down the ramp, holding a microphone in his hand as he enters the ring. Farooq looks at the fans, a smile covered his face as he was making his way to the ring, but once he entered his expression turned onto a serious one. He went to the turnbuckle nearest to the English announcer tables and sat down at the top of the turnbuckle.​
    "Please hold your chants my fellow public enemies, this is something I must address, clearly to the entire locker room, and all the IWT fans must have their ears open, ready to listen." Farooq said as the fans began to calm down. "Now, the two people I wish to make the subject of my current screen time are, Aids and Jonathan." As Farooq mentioned them, the arena was filled with loud boos for about six seconds before they returned to silence. "Yes, Aids and Jonathan, Aids the IWT champion who was a strong champion, but he is nothing but a liar. You all no this, I know this, everybody in the back, but Jonathan knows this. Look how Jonathan became allies with a man that insulted you all, and insulting you all, is insulting our entire company."

    "I'm not asking for Aids to come out, I'm asking why? Why team yourself up with someone like that Jonathan, he is just using you for your power. Whatever friendship you have with him, it isn't real. Listen to me, I was once like that. Someone who hated the crowd, someone who despised this place, and that only got me a paper champion reign. Jonathan also insulted Brit, the founder of IWT. Jonathan has taken the liberty to not only turn his back on the foundation, which is you the fans, of IWT, but he also SPAT on the founder. Brit is not perfect, but she is just a human, like you and me. While it was both her and Jon for taking my US title, I still respect Brit for founding this company, and at least thinking of you fans when I was filled with anger." The fans began to cheer for Brit.

    "But, Jonathan doesn't respect her anymore. He called her a, "bitch." Jonathan you're not a man, no man calls a woman that word. You know what you are? You know what the biggest insult was during the times of Washington and Adams, the time this country, the United States of America was built on? It's what you are, no swear words, nothing fancy, you are just a plain fool. Now fool is thrown around easily, but do you KNOW what a fool truly is? It's what you are. You're ignorant to the core, you are blinded by your desires, you are trailing onto the darkness, you are throwing away your life, turning your back on what is right, you are power hungry. Power won't get you everywhere, you WILL find yourself falling into the giant hole you dug that you call, life."

    The crowd cheers heavily as they chant, "Fall Jon fall! Fall Jon fall! Fall Jon Fall!" Farooq gets off of the turnbuckle and faces the stage. "I cannot do this alone though.I need allies, friends, my fellow wrestlers in the back. Jonathan and Aids has turned your back on us, but I offer my hand as a comrade. Please, will anybody in the back come to the ring, and join me in my new found fight against the corrupted team of Aids and Jonathan?" Farooq said as he took a pause, waiting for someone to come out.

  2. the last time we were this close was the first WWE championship match at the very beginning of the IWT. Now you stand here asking for people to join you? *walks down the ramp*
    Well Farooq, this is the IWT, the land of the big boys and if you can't hang with the big boys you can get out...which is exactly why Aids and Jonathan need to be stopped. They don't fight like men, they use cheap polliticking to get everything they want. Now I'm no stranger to back room deals, but this has gone far enough. These people don't want to see you guys con your way into putting the belts on people that you choose. The IWT is a place for people to compete! Jonathan ever since you've been GM you've been screwing over the entire locker room. From myself, to even a man a despise, Respect Gohan6425 . It's time that you answered for you actions, so Farooq I am on your side.
  3. The crowd cheered as Farooq shook Dat Kid's hand and looked back onto the stage. "Does anybody else want to join, or is it going to be us two vs the corrupted two?" Farooq said as he awaited someone else.
  4. *Comes out without a theme*

    Wowo stop it there. You should be really happy with Jonathan. Because of him, you are something on this company. I've said this before, i deserve to be tag team champ. I've beat you not once but twice and the next time...I'm taking back what belongs to me. *points at the Tag team championship* you are trash and we need to get rid of trash in this company
  5. You would have cost Parker the titles if I had not been there and like I said before, I am a day in and day out champion. If you can find a partner I will have no problem defending this belt, but right now this isn't about us. This is about rectifying the bad in the IWT so could you take a moment to not make this about you.
  6. *senhors music hits

    No one wants to rid this company of Aids more than I do. If you two watch my back against Aids and his cohorts at ER, we can take the IWT to new heights.
  7. me and dat kid don't agree that must! but here i agree with dat kid! Jonathan has SCREW THE LOOKER ROOM! since being gm of iwt! IT TIME FOR SMACKDOWN TO TAKE OVER THE IWT! WHEN I WIN THE WOLRD CHAMPION AT E.RULES!
  8. Im going to screw you again, just like Ive screwed you before!
  9. I got your backs! We can take down Jonathan & Aids together!
  10. :yes: SmackDown Brand is taking over the IWT!

  11. Aids theme hits, as the lights dim, giving the crowd an opportunity to fill the stadium with boo's.

    Aids and Jonathan walk out, with Aids holding up his IWT title, and the Million dollar championshit around the waist. Aids has a mic.

    Cut my music. Smackdown is dying, one member at a time. I am YOUR REIGNING IWT CHAMPION and THE NEW Million Dollar Championship holder. I am the top face in this company, and the man everyone has targeted to take down. The man next to me? YOUR IWT GM, the man who made Wrestlemania an event, and the leader of more than just the Raw brand, the man who represents your champion, Aids Johnson! Frank is a fake jock, i am the real champion here, and there is no stopping our goals. Frank, you have nothing to gain from being in last place with Brita, and Sackfist must be wary of being on your team, he avoids posting here shows his shame without any words necessary. We are here to remind you WHO matters. That man, is Me, and i am YOUR IWT CHAMPION!

    *Aids holds up the title again, as his theme hits, while Frank and Brita stand in ring, her face filled with the shock of being insulted, again.
  13. My CHAMPION, the BEST WWE CHAMPION IN THE WORLD can do whatever he wants.
  15. So yesterday we had our first IWT proposal. Today it looks like Jonathan and Aids have come out as the IWT's first gay couple. Mazel Tov!
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  16. He hasn't stole anything. Are you making false accusations against my WWE Champion, the BEST IN THE WORLD may I add? That could end up with a long ban for you!

  19. :pipebomb:


    "BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!"