Message to the Eurofag

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  1. Plasma Snake comes out to the crowd at 0:38. He's determined, as he comes out without anything and just focuses on getting to the ring. He hopes the barricade, doing a roll as he lands beside the ring now. He quickly slips into the ring by going under all the ropes. He picks up a microphone under one of the turnbuckles as he crowd is cheering for him. The music stops as he begins to speak.

    "Sir Lee...the most generic rich man in the world. Bravo, it was a nice sleeping pill listening to you talk, but it was all just bull crap as well." Snake says as he smirks and stands in the middle of the ring. "After all, anybody can just come in and say they can win because of reasons of being in other feds, hell I've been to many other feds and own before, guess that means I can win too. No, the reason I can beat you, is because I'm focused on one thing, to become this company's new world champion. I'm going to carry this company to heights you can't, to something grand and powerful." Snake says as the crowd begins cheering.

    "I've been trained by special forces on how to fight, how to move and how to react, but to learn how to think, I've got one of a wrestler. I'm not going to take up anymore of these people's time, they even know who will come out the winner of this match." Snake says as the crowd is chanting his name. Snake slips out of the ring by going under the ropes as he stands outside the ring. "Lee, clutch that title closely to your chest, because that European title is the only gold you're going to hold after Inferno." Snake says as he places the microphone in the ring and jumps the barricade and walks away through the crowd.
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