Messi or Ronaldo

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Ronaldo

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  2. Messi

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  1. It was going to happen one day. Vote on the poll and reply with who you voted & why.
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    because I've been a fanboy for as long as I could remember
  3. Practically impossible but I'll go for Messi, it just comes down to personal preference imo as they're both incredible.
  4. No right or wrong answer - as you say it's preferable really. I'm voting Ronaldo only because in my opinion he has more variety and has no weakness. The things he excels at that Messi doesn't is heading, strength and skill. In my opinion.
  5. You didn't vote @[Ziggles]
  6. My vote goes to Ronaldo. Prefer his style of playing more and I've liked him since I saw him make his debut for Man U some years back. As Crayo said he is better than Messi at some aspects of the game and that gives him an edge.
  7. Messi for me. I'm surprised Ronaldo is leading the poll as usually Messi is the more popular option in these discussions.

    I personally prefer Messi because he has it all IMO. Broken numerous records and he's only 24, in a couple of years time when he's the same age as Ronaldo is now he will be miles ahead of I think.

    Obviously they are both incredible footballers, but Messi edges it for me. My view may be slightly clouded by the fact I love his attitude towards the game, not cheating like Ronaldo often has.
  8. CR7. Messi is slightly better, but I'm Madridista and I hate that little piece of shit Messi.
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  9. I can't find a reason to hate Messi, I'm a Madrid fan myself and I can't help but love the lil' guy. I want to hate him, he's broke my heart multiple times but I just can't.
  10. Just remember all those times he destroyed RMCF and his gay little face and smile. Trust me, it's easy.
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  11. I try. If he was cocky it'd be different but he's so god damn modest and humble. I watched an interview from him on Sky Sports and it was so classy. Just like I can't help but love Robin Van Persie, Arsenal were United's closest rivals for years but I love the guy. #nohomo
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