Messi possibly leaving Barca

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  1. "Lionel Messi believes Barcelona now him see him as a saleable asset and not their untouchable star player, it has been claimed by well-informed Catalan sports channel Esport3.

    The incredible development in stalled contract talks between player and club explain why Messi has reached a stand-off with Barcelona.

    The suggestion is that certain members of the club's board believe the player is now worth more to them in the transfer market than on the pitch, that Messi is aware of this, and that he believes it is behind Barcelona's reluctance to improve his current contract which runs out in 2018.

    Paris Saint-Germain would be willing to pay the player’s £205million buy-out clause, and with plans for a new stadium likely to set Barcelona back £493m, there are certain influences within the club who believe this could be the time to do the unthinkable and cash on a player who has been at Barcelona since he was 13.

    Messi wants to stay at Barcelona until he feels the time is right for a South American swansong at his first ever club, Newell’s Old Boys in Argentina, but Barcelona's dithering could bring forward the date of his departure and open the doors to a new European adventure at PSG or even at Manchester City."

    Daily Mail.

    Thoughts on this? Will Messi stay? Or if he leaves, where will he go?
  2. People thought Puyol would never leave yet he's confirmed he's off in the summer, many things like this can happen and it looks like Messi could be another of those players that look like they're forever a one club player for their professional career who actually do go and leave it.
  3. Wow £200 million i would actually like to see him go to city just to see how he'd cope in the bpl I guess barca see neymar as the new golden boy to take the club forward just like messi and Ronaldinho
  4. Never happening. They're using his current unrest to fuel the yearly Messi rumour.

    1) He's not even affordable at this point by any club. People seem to forget the UEFA financial fair play rules.
    2) Barcelona aren't going to sell him. He's worth just as much off the pitch from a market stand point as he is on it with the success he gives them.
    3) He's Barca through and through. Why would Barcelona want the greatest ever player to leave them and for that to be in the record books?
    4) A four year contract is pretty substantial.
    5) The current unrest will go as soon as the manager is sacked after the season. Once he enjoys playing again, he'll be back to what he was.

    The only way I can ever see this happening is if Neymar shows his potential and can be seen as a full replacement for Messi. The same thing happened when Messi was in the team with Ronaldinho, the stardom suddenly switched and Barcelona realised Messi can be their main man. Neymar producing Messi-like performances on a regular basis and numbers with goals/assists offers Barcelona a way to make some serious bank. I still have no idea why their stadium plans exist when your current stadium is the Camp Nou.
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  5. I think id risk whatever punishment uefa threw at me if it meant I had messi at my club but yes don't see it happening
  6. Plus you got to think about it from Messi's perspective. He's the greatest player ever, does he want to play in the French league which is far worse for a team who's guaranteed to win it every single season? I highly doubt that. He's a big family man so would he want his family to move out to France or England? He himself has stated multiple times he wants to remain at the club he's been at since he was 13 and eventually move to play for his old Argentinian team. This move is just inconceivable.

    Just look at Falcao and Cavani desperately wanting to get out of France to realise how poor of a challenge the football is there.
  7. Well they'd have to wait a year, they're not allowed to buy/sell players for a year due to illegally registering players.

    It would be worth points deductions, bans from European football, transfer embargo or relegations?
  8. Let's be honest, UEFA wouldn't have the balls to go through with those. Their current idea for punishing Manchester City is reportedly fining them...

    Yep, they want to fine a ridiculously rich football club for spending too much money (because they're rich). FINING THEM WILL DO SO MUCH.
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  9. It would depend on how much. I suppose that's a point but would they want point deductions, bans from Europe or relegations like what happened with Rangers? (all three)

    Fair play pisses me off though, like my team - Bolton - can't even afford loan fees any more because they're too scared of anything happening to them.
  10. Think puyols retiring all together though not off to another club.
  11. You missed 6)

    It's the Daily Fail
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  12. I can only really trust the Daily Mail to bring daily casual racism and some cancer scaremongering
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  13. Who gives a shit if he leaves or stays? I don't.
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  14. A part of me would like to see him in the BPL and see if he can still be good in that specific type of football, another part of me wants him to stay at Barca and be the loyal player he is, not many of those around anymore.

    @Delik lol, that article is GOAT.
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  15. Not happening. Messi will never be sold until a good 3-4 years imo, and that is whenever he is passing the torch to someone.
  16. what is a messi?
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  17. Something you can get "Messi" with?
  18. I don't see him going anywhere. Barca don't have anyone else they can rely on enough like they do with Messi.