Michael Alexander's Debut

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  1. (Michael Alexander is in the arena)
    Alexander: Some say my life became a turning point after my dad and my mom died but My life's has become a great thing because I love my job, I love my moves, I love everything that defines, you see, when my mom and dad died, I become like Batman, I came back up and prove that I was the best in this damn business, now if you don't agree, I got three words for you, Suck My Dick. Later.
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  2. Farooq blinked as he watched backstage. "Well that escalated quickly."
  3. "At what part, the death of his parents or him wanting us to suck his dick?"
  4. "Well both....but mostly that last part."
  5. "You wanna mess with me brother, I got other things to deal like fucking my girlfriend".
  6. *Adam is behind him and over hears*

    *Adam laughs*

    Adam: Girlfriend? You? Dont you mean your dog? Or the prostitute outside?
  7. *Dat Kid watches backstage by catering*
    Batman huh...:hmm:
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  8. Just another kid for me to shit on.
  9. :dafuq: is this shit.
  10. "I don't have a Prostitute because 1, they're disgusting and 2, The fact is, I love what I love like the fact is I went to school, let me guess, you have a prostitute?"
  11. "The only person who would even look at your face without barfing is a prostitute, So go back outside and take yours STDs to that prostitute, Fucking retard"
  12. Children sit around in a circle today is the day we tell the enthralling tale of how....

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  13. I don't write nothing down, so I'll keep this short and sweet:

    You're weak, you're outta control and you're becoming an embarrassment to yourself and everyone else.
  14. We can be embarrassing together :please: I'll fetch the tables you just stand there and prepare to be carried :jesse:
  15. Historically, historical changes have come out of war.:henry: