Extreme Rules Michael Cole was amazing last night.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Especially in the last match, he was on fire. He really sold Lesnar.
  2. My exact thoughts throughout the show as well. he basicallly had to do all the work considering he was with King and Booker. There was a bit with Lesnar where he reminded me of JR, he was just brilliant. Glad somebody else noticed.
  3. Yes he was. He was so hyped up.
  4. Cole was great on the mic. Imagine teaming him up permanently with guys like Matthews (whose a good play by play commentator) or Stryker or Stanford permanently. Those could be some great commentary teams.
  5. He did a good job last night. I was proud.
  6. It confirmed my strong beliefs that if he wasn't such a dominant heel announcer he'd be awesome. He's sold Lesnar brilliantly from day one.

    When Brock semi-botched his amazingly athletic jump on Cena and fell out the ring, Cole commenting on Brock being "sick" (because Brock was laughing and ran back into the ring) was incredible. "This man is sick King, the man is sick!".
  7. I also liked how he called Punk vs Y2J.

    When Punk jumped ontop of Jericho, Cole was insane.


    Only weird thing was: He was looking at the monitor the whole time, it was like 5 feet away from him..
  8. He was looking at twitter on his iPad. :devil: