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    Username: Roadster

    Availability: Always

    Have you competed here before?: Yes

    Do you agree to the rules?: Obviously

    Character Name: Michael

    Height/Weight: 6'3 215 lbs

    Residence: Chicago, Illinois

    Deposition: Heel

    Character Base/Appearance: [​IMG]

    In-Ring Attire: Red or White or Black leather pants. Wrist tape. Elbow pads. Knee pads. Shin pads with Michael spelled across the side.

    Entrance Attire: IWT t-shirt or random graphic t-shirt

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Actions: He walks down scoping the arena, before getting onto the apron, wiping his feet on the apron and climbing the outside corner and posing with his hands up while camera flashes flood the arena.

    Wrestling Style (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, Powerhouse, Submission, etc): Brawler

    Finishing Move (Only 1): Head of State (Shining Wizard)

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.): 450 Splash onto a standing opponent; Weave (a flurry of punches to the face, torso and arms along with kicks to the legs). Tossing spinebuster.

    Holds: Iron Claw; Single leg boston crab; Dragon Sleeper; Chin lock; Headlock; Arm wrench and Indian Death Lock.

    Strikes: Roundhouse kick; jab; jab kick; haymaker; chop; slap to the face; forearm to the face; elbow to the top of the head of a grounded opponent.

    Aerial: Moonsault; flying forearm; flying lariat; Missile drop kick; flying crossbody.

    Throws: Hipstoss; Firemans carry slam; irish whip; Alley oop; backbreaker; Monkey flip; Judo takedown.

    Taunts (Optional): None

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring): Always looking for a cheap way out of the ring. Including running away whenever the momentum shifts, and risking a count-out if in danger of a finishing move.