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    For suggestions, questions and general comments, and minor announcements.
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  4. I had An idea for something my old E-fed did(N-JPW) where users were allowed a Male and Female competitor, It showed who was most dedicated to fed and brought out the best in many and with the influx of new talent It could be the perfect time for and as NGW blocked this Many 2nd's got demoted to only being managers.
    And I was hoping IWT would be more open as it's closer to N-JPW than NGW was.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean by allowing female or male competitors? Are you talking about pic bases? Or if you're allowed to have more than one character?
  6. 2 Characters, Like for me it would be Chris and Lilith, but to prevent someone putting their selfs over My old Fed made it only one each could be in the same match unless it was a tag match.
  7. If you can pull double duty, than go ahead. idgaf.
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  9. All joke aside can we have another show on iwt call iwt behind the ring where i give exculsive news on the event coming up
  10. You can just do it yourself.
  11. I know i would a video called iwt behind the ring where i do exculsive news
  12. After the hasbeens came back and tried to take my title, and after I lost said title. I'd just like to say that I added two little rules on the Rematch clause.

    - Those who lost their IWT championship will have a rematch clause that lasts one year
    - If you, at any point, in the year get fired, leave, retire or quit, you will not be eligible for a rematch clause​
  13. @TheWUKMaster - I like your ambition, man. Post your suggestions here.
  14. Ok so IWT must go into a new era

    So my ideas are as follow

    Members can set up 1 match per week but they must invite them in their promos

    We will have mini tournaments on here

    We will set up a website for all the iwt news

    And qe will make new championships to make it more existing
  15. People can already set up a match. They challenge someone, and if it's accepted then they could contact an IWT mod and ask them to make them a thread.

    Mini-tournaments are hard to do, especially with the new school year and lack of a purpose. We have 2 major, annual tournaments, which are the Grand Prix World Tour and Golden Lottery Tournament. Taking place in June and November, respectively.

    There's already a thread.

    Not enough competition to make another title. We're kind of pushing our limits, as of now.
  16. No matches will be booked for VICE (9/10) and VICE (9/17) as the IWT Tag Team Revival Tournament will be taking place.
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  19. is there room on this vice for me vs Botch?