Promos Michael's Rebirth - Part 2

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  1. *We last left Michael Alexander with a mask and trying to find the mystery person*
    Michael: God, I'm trying to find it.
    *Michael is now at a church*
    Michael (On a phone): Hello, I'm asking for a mask, it has horns, some guy gave it to me....... Uh, Ok, See You Later.
  2. You should consider doing them all in one thread, since your new post will bump it again. That way, people reading it can see what has happened before and understand what is currently happening,
  3. Ok, I thought I do it like parts.
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  4. Yeah you can still have it be parts, just having one coherent thread makes the most sense, at least in my opinion, especially if these threads are just posted by you and read by others. That way one thread creates the most activity it can, and your other posts dont get buried. Just an opinion.
  5. Oh Yeah, Sorry.
  6. haha nothing to be sorry about brother. keep doing what you're doing.
  7. Alright, I will.
  8. *Michael is in the church, sitting on the altar*
    Michael: What do I have to do?
    *Michael holds the mask as a light beams onto him*
    Michael: Huh, why is it shining at me?
    *Michael looks at him and the mask on the light*
    Michael: No, it can't be, what does it say? "Jaxx.......Jaxxus?" Huh?