Storyline Michael's Return.....No Longer Michael

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  1. *The guy that used to be known as Michael Alexander is in the front row wearing the mask he sought, A usher comes over to him*
    Usher: Sir, you need to get rid of the mask sir, we don't know who you are.
    *Michael refuses to talk*
    Usher: Sir, come on, I've got complaints.
    *Michael again refuses to talk and turns his head slowly*
    Usher: Sir, we need this.
    *Michael gets up and stares at him*
    Usher: Good, now get ou......
    *Michael chokes and eventually DDTs the Usher, before speaking*
    Jaxxus: It's not Michael Alexander anymore, It's Jaxxus.
    *With that, The Birth of Jaxxus is on*
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