Promos Michael's return.......

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  1. *The lights dimmer as Michael Alexander is in the ring, making his return*
    Alexander: Now I know what you're thinking, I'm back? Yeah.....for the most part. You see, I was busy these past months even since my loss for the vacated US Title (I don't remember when), and it's been a rough time for Ol' Mikey here. So, I'm asking for a chance here again, you the people. I'm not brash, not cocky, definitely not a asshole. I'm Michael Alexander and it's time for a good change to myself, I want to challenge somebody, please, somebody, I don't care who, just please........
  2. *Marcus Anthony appears on the titantron*
    Michael Alexander...Let me introduce myself my name is Marcus Anthony. I'm new to the IWT and I hear you're a former champ. I'd say you'd be perfect to be my first opponent or should I say victim. Jonathan make it happen at survivor series. Michael Alexander, sleep with one eye open and check under your bed because the middle eastern menace is coming for your head.

    *screen goes black and the crowd pops chanting MENACE! MENACE!*
  3. *Michael seems not at all amused*
    Michael: Whatever.......
  4. OOC: I always tag @Jonathan in situations like this, just to make sure he knows :jeritroll:
  5. As always, if you want a match made, PM me. Don't tag me in your promos. I need details, not just a wild tag.

  6. Oh my bad. Sorry jono.
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    I'ma tag you like a million times now bwahahaha
  7. OOC: this is why I'm new
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