Michelle McCool talks about "Piggie James" angle

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 31, 2012.

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  2. RE: Michelle McCool talks about "Piggy James" angle

    That's a really good interview. I didn't watch at the time but I've heard the complaints about this angle which, were perfectly justified as it was horrible from Vince and co. Still, massive respect to Mickie, she comes across really well reading that.
  3. Its interesting to know Michelle felt bad for what Mickie had to go through in this storyline. Mickie deserves so much respect for having to put up with all that piggy james storyline. But WWE releasing her was wrong at least shes in TNA and still able to show her talent
  4. I miss Candice. :fap:
    And yeah, such a shitty angle.
  5. And Michelle? :pity:
  6. Lol fail. Yes, Mccool too :fap:
    Dem legz
  7. She might be fat, but dammit I'm a nice guy and it's the holiday season. I'd throw her a bone.

  8. Mickie James is fucking sexy.
  9. Have you seen the porn shoots she did with her boyfriend before she started wrestling?
  10. PM. NOW. :gusta: :vince:
  11. @ work remind me later I'll send you the links. They're quite good at turning me on.

  12. Very nice read, I remember that storyline. Good to know Mickie was OK with it.
  13. :vince: Wha wha what?
  14. That ain't fat, bro. Curvy to say the least.