Michigan State fans doing the Daniel Bryan "YES" Chants

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. I love that everyone in the arena is joining in on it. Plus, it shows that Daniel Bryan's popularity has elevated and is going beyond the WWE. I love it!
  2. That's fucking cool, haha.
  3. and during free throws

  4. So fucking awesome

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  5. But still, Daniel Bryan doesn't draw :sad:
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  6. Geek Goddess found this by the way. No idea how
  7. I'm glad to be a Spartan fan
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  8. Bout to convert
  9. This was at the Michigan State v. Ohio State basketball game on Tuesday night. I'm a huge Ohio State fan and I saw them doing this live.

    I was like NO WAY! Daniel Byran must be there! :please-54:.. but he wasn't..
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  10. Do you like Ohio St or something?
  11. @Crayo jusf imagine if david moyes got the sack eventually and the whole of old Trafford broke out into a yes chant in the next game
  12. Michigan fan
  13. I'd mark my Cornish nipples off.
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  14. Im waiting for it to happen one day in the bpl or anywhere else in the football league surely theres a set of fans out there that watch wwe that will do it if fandanging can make it surely the yes chant can
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