Mickie James, now a Free Agent?!

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    Come home to WWE Mickie, I wanna see you back

  2. Shame, she was really awesome in her recent role.

    Bad news is that boring gnome ODB is the new KO champ. OH GOD

    Another good news is that whomever (Gaburick or Jarrett) took the role of Pritchard is already doing a 50x times better job than Prickhard. They booked her to lose the title before her contract expired (Bruce wouldn't do that), they wiped Anderson out of TV properly while the new deal is possibly negotiated (Bruce also wouldn't do that), and they extended AJ's contract so they can finish his storyline at least.

    Another BAD news is that KO roster is even worse now. We have ODB (face), Velvet (face), Tessmacher (heel), Gail (heel) + Blossom and Tappa in OVW.
  3. If she does come back to WWE, I can see her practically going into a feud with AJ Lee the minute she returns. Mickie vs AJ would be rather interesting though, I think they'd probably work well with one another.
  4. OMG another TNA wrestler is gone that company is officially dead by the end of 2013 the business will be closed as there will be no one left. Mickie James did the right thing not re signing as Dixie has fucked up TNA and Mickie doesnt want to be stuck with a company thats going down the toilet. She will be concentrating on her music career now
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  8. Sucks to see her leave TNA, but shit happens. Hopefully she'll return to WWE and have a good feud with AJ, with AJ coming out on top of course, but it would be nice to see them have a good match or two :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. Well that's fucking lame.
  10. I guess im the only one who doesnt give a fuck. She held her title while Gail Kim was putting on the big matches. Bummer Taryn is gone, same with Taeler, i bet those two combined would still be cheaper than Mickie James and her shitty promos that i wont miss. Good.
  11. Legitimately getting concerned with all the people leaving and nobody coming in. Build ness will be fine though
  12. Why didn't they resign her? Weird.
  13. They made her an offer, she refused it.

    She isn't, she's pregnant.
  14. some lucky SoB. Well Taeler then still, im assuming Taryn will be back after it's all done?
  15. Theres also The Blossom Twins but there in OVW
  16. If her contract expires and she's still pregnant, I don't believe they'll re-sign her, just like Madison.

    It really depends, but IMO it's 70% sure that she will be back.
  17. Her problem in WWE was that she wanted to pursue a music career and Vinnie didn't like that idea. Considering the way things have changed in WWE, they might look at her outside interests in the same way they do Jericho's with the big exception that Mickie won't take as much time off as Jericho.

    I hope she signs with WWE and gets a good run there. She's my favorite lady wrestler.