Storyline Midcard troubles.

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    Dylan Gray walks to the ring while his theme song plays, he scoffs at the crowd while walking and rips up a couple of signs in support of The Destroyer.

    Gray: "When I came to this company I expected a challenge, didn't expect this much of a challenge but still wanting some sort of one, I started off well with a win against Eric Draven, but then Michael thought it would be a good idea to put me in a 4 on 1 match at IWTMania, that Draven screwed, because I obviously would've won if he wasn't there, obviously."

    Crowd boos Gray.

    Gray: "But then I went against Reagan Cole, and I got outplayed, not outclassed, he just outplayed me on one occasion, I would mention the Alexander Hightower match but nobody cares about Vice so there's no need."

    He hear one member of the audience shout "I care about VICE!" to the crowds amusement

    Gray: "Of course you would, fatty, you're more basic than a white bitch at Starbucks."

    Gray gets booed as he has insulted one of the fans, the audience show their displeasure,

    Gray: "But my opponent at Retribution is somebody that I know nothing about, someone who I don't need to know anything about, Al Blizzard."

    Crowd cheers.

    Gray: "Of course you people would cheer him, you're more used to ass licking than half those no names in the back, but there's one truth about the situation though, the truth is he's going to lose, and he knows it, and as I said previously I don't even know why this match is happening, I guess we both just needed a spot on the card and Michael decided to put us in a match because he has no capability of booking matches, I should be in the main event against him for his big gold championship that he really doesn't deserve but instead i'm rotting away in the midcard against a wannabe, and you people think that's right? You people just need to accept that i'm the greatest damn athlete to come out of this forsaken company and you all just need a taste of greatness to make your lives a bit more meaningful."

    "So just breath it in, accept it, i'm the present, i'm the future, and Al Blizzard, on the 11th of June, you'll be the past."

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  3. >Savat: You are the dumbest son of a bitch I have ever heard!

    [Savat steps out from the curtain with a mic in his hand in an irate state]

    >Savat: You are one of these morons who thinks you deserve to be thrown in the lime light. I look at you and I see a no body. Why should you be anywhere but the midcard? What even are you? You assume that you are better than everyone here right? Well you are not. I am the best. I am the best in the world and I have heard enough of this nonsensical crap that everyone is better than they truly are. It's about time someone like me came out and educated you idiots on what makes someone a world class wrestler. You assume Reagan Cole got lucky? You can't even admit your own defeat. Are you going to keep whining that it wasn't fair or that he had an advantage the rest of your life? Or are you actually going to get off your big ass and start doing something to prove that you are in fact the better man. Because right now I look and have to listen to the shit being babbled out of your big dumb mouth right now and it is pissing me off. You don't have to worry about losers like Al Blizzard. See you and Al are a lot a like. You both think you deserve better. You both think your stars. You haven't done shit around here. Feel free to run around and act like you are Gods little gift, but just know I will come out and shut you up like I am doing now.

    You can't call yourself the future of IWT. You are a fucking nobody. You lost to Reagan Cole for fucks sake and you still have to make excuses for it. You are nothing. These people, they are booing you because you bore them. You are nothing important to anyone. Not to Michael, not to them and certainly not to me. There is a reason you are in the mid card and it is because you are nothing more than a no name loser who is booked to put people like Al Blizzard over. Al Blizzard, the fat ass who is too busy jerking off on youporn to come out and have a match with the best in the world. That is the guy you cater to. So do you want to tell me now that you are the future of this company? Do you want me to step into the fucking ring so you can say that shit to my face?

    You are a moron who will never leave the midcard until you face the facts. You are a loser. You are not shit. You are not even on the same food chain as me. I am the face of IWT. I am the future. I am the one who will save this company from people like you. Idiots who have to make up reasons for them losing. Idiots that think they are tough because they have a mic in their hands. But you know what idiot? I never see you coming out giving it all Jimmy Big Bollocks when I am stood out there calling myself the future. So what happened? Did you lose your balls when you lost your match to Reagan Cole or what?

    I can waste every minute of my life calling Jackasses' like you out. You are not saving this company. You are apart of the cancer. So don't ever think you are the future of this place because by default that implies you rule this place. And you do not fucking rule me.
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  5. Gray gives Savat a confused look.

    Gray: "I'm sorry, but what have you got to do with shit? You say I running around acting like gods gift? Ironic I say considering you will never shut up saying about how great you are, but in reality you're just trying to convince yourself you're still somebody, trying to conceive yourself as greatness, but the matter of the fact is you're not. I've been here around what? 2 months? And I've learnt a lot, one thing I've learnt is never back away from a fight, and if that's what you want, come get it, I may not win, but i'll sure as hell try, try like I did against Eric Draven, and I won."

    Gray actually gets a few quiet cheers, but still getting the heat he normally gets.

    Gray: "I don't perceive you as much, but one thing I do perceive you as is a bully, a hot head, a has been, who walks around acting like HE is gods gift, but boy I can tell you you're the work of Satan himself, Spawn? Will Savat? Whoever the hell you are nowadays, if you want something, come here and say it to my face."
  6. [Savat laughs as he quickly paces down to the apron]

    >Savat: Ok kid. You have been here for 2 months? What have you contributed to this company? What have you contributed to anything? 2 months? I have been here for less than a month and already I am drawing money at IWT's next PPV. Already I am getting people over. Already, I am on talk shows with Jimmey Kimmel. Not to mention that I am yet to lose a match here. You compared to me is like a goat compared to a tiger. The difference between you and me is large. I am a man who stands up and fights for what is rightfully his. And you are a little bitch who sits there and moans that he should have it all.

    [Savat climbs through the ropes and stands in the face of Gray]

    >Savat: This isn't games for me punk. This is what I do. I am a wrestler. I beat people up. I am not meant to be out here babysitting a bunch of losers trying to excel them to greatness as I excelled. I would prove that I am the greatest by offering you a match, but what would I have to prove by beating some stuck up little bitch. You are nothing to me kid. I have nothing to prove to a little boy like you. This is the land of the giants and you are nothing more than a snail.

    You can call me a hothead, you can call me a bully, you can call me a **** for all I care. Because no matter what you call me, I will always be the best. You words mean nothing. You have no power here. You have no voice. I am not a bully. I am a prophet of the truth. I am the voice of reason. The wind of change. You Dylan Gray, you suck. If you think me coming out here and being brutally honest is me being a bully, then you are a bigger bitch than I would of dreamed of. Maybe you shouldn't have a match with Al Blizzard. Maybe we should put you in a women's match so that it is fair for you. Maybe then you might start winning more.

    [The crowd pops at the insult, inflicting more of their resentment at Gray]

    I am not scared of you. Your words do not hurt me. I am not out here to fight you. I am not out here to belittle you. I am out here to let it sink into that big ugly skull of yours. You don't deserve a title shot with Michael. You don't deserve anything. Dylan Gray. You might think that I blab about me being the greatest thing ever. But the difference between us is that I will back it up. I will beat everyone who stands in front of me at Vice. I will knock Corey Marcus out at IWT Redemption and I will still be coming out here calling out idiots like you. Am I the greatest? Sure as hell looks like it, because when I stand back there and watch no one else seems to see the challenge in this business. No one else comes out with passion in their tongue and competition in their chest. No one has the guts to come out and actually do anything. Instead you morons come out here whens it is nice and quiet so you can cut your shitty little promos.

    Listen to me this final time jackass. I am the greatest in the world. I prove it time and time again. Look at me and then look at yourself. Realize you will never be me, and you will never be great.

    [Savat looks Gray up and down before rolling out the ring and walking backstage]