Promos Mike Boston Returns w/ Leo Wang and The High Council

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  1. Announcer 1: Well up next- *static on tron*
    Announcer 2: Wait a minute...
    *A dark room lit by a candle is shown on the tron, the figures in the room can't be seen*
    Mike(from within): I'm not sure...
    Leo: Be sure but not always certain, the Panda can play games sometimes...
    Mike: It's all rattling through my head, ... ... ... The Apple...
    *Leo gives Mike an Apple, Mike, looks Leo*
    Leo: remember what I taught you.
    Mike: SAUCE..... *Leo gives Mike Applesauce*
    Leo: Well done Boston... it's TIME!
    Mike: It is!?
    Leo: Yes! The Panda demands it! Do you hear him Mr.Boston?
    Mike: Yes! I heart him!
    Leo: Council? Do you hear him?
    ???: Yes!
    ???: We always heard him!
    ???: We always will!
    Leo: excellent! IT IS TIME!!!!
    *Door opens, a shadow of a figure is standing in the door way*
    ???: Mr.Boston, your on.
    *Loud POP*
    Announcer 1: What? He's here?!!!
    *Camera goes back out to the arena, Mike Boston chants start, theres a long pause.....*
    Announcer 2: Oh no...

    *Mike Boston comes out skipping, dances on the stage*
    A1: There he is! Mike Boston! We haven't seen him in 2 months.
    *Mike Boston points to the tunnel, out comes and old lady, a construction worker, a fat black guy, a gas station attendant, a judge, a commercial air plane pilot and a guy in a suit*
    A2: Who the?
    A1: I'm guessing this is the High Council people Mike was talking about...
    *They make a path from the ramp, they look to the tunnel, out comes an old chinese guy wearing a black robe and a crown, everyone is dancing*
    A1: So that must be Leo Wang then?
    A2: I guess?
    *The group dances into the ring, Mike goes towards the announce table*
    A1: What?
    Mike: Cmon! get in the ring and follow us! The ritual must be completed!
    A2: Wha! *Mike drags the announcers in the ring and they start dancing, than everyone stops and Mike and Leo grab mics*
    Leo: ... ... ... ... THE RITUAL HAS BEEN COMPLETED, HOMAGE TO THE GREAT GORILLA!!!! *Mike and the Council make monkey noises, the 2 announcers stand motionless*
    Mike: Oh master, we have returned the great square ring of jousts, longing for the still answers we speak to find! With the guidance of your formal disciple Leo and the High Council!
    Leo: YES! YES! The master is doing back flips! This is perfect!!!
    Mike: Master i will not let you down again, I got guidance, I got skills, I AM... THE CHOSEN ONE! *Cheers*
    Fat Black Guy: Let us commence out exit ritual!

    *Everyone starts dancing including the announcers, they try to exit but the construction worker and the fat black guy take them with them as they exit, theres no commentary now, this ends the scene, Boston is back*
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