Mike ''the situation'' Sorrentino came 4th in Celebrity Big Brother

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  1. Mike ''the situation'' Sorrentino came 4th place in Celebrity Big Brother final tonight. I am gutted he didnt win the show he deserved to win so much more as he was entertaining and he was completely different person than to what hes been shown in Jersey Shore. He really is genuine, nice, caring guy. Its also been announced he is gonna be doing a UK tour in November now as he has recieved so much support from the UK fans. #SitchToWin actually trended twitter from the UK thats so awesome. Anyway just thought to do this thread to let you all know if you didnt see this
  2. I don't watch Big Brother, It's so annoying :mad:@
  3. Id rather this had been a mikedawt thread. Close this trash please.
  4. Agreed. :obama:
  5. Technically Big Brother fans can discuss it, and it's a thread about a show and is quite HQ. So not closing.

    I haven't watched Big Brother since C4 axed it. Channel 5 is just for noobs.
  6. :cry: Big Brother & most reality TV shows are for fame hungry douche's. :cry:
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