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  1. *The crowd boos as soon as they hear the beginning of his theme. Mike emerges through the curtain onto the ramp and the boos get louder. Thunder raises his arms up and the boos get even louder. He walks down the ramp. By the time he makes it to the steel steps, the boos have started to fade. Mike raises his arms up one more time, which causes the crowd to boo loudly once again. He walks up the steel steps and gets into the ring. Thunder gets a microphone and begins speaking.*

    Mike Thunder: You're probably wondering why I attacked Tyson Blade at Hell in a Cell. I am here tonight to clear things up.

    *Mike stops for a few seconds*

    Mike: First of all, when I came through the curtain and walked down the ramp, I wasn't going to attack him. I wasn't going to leave him down and out in the middle of the ring. I was there to say goodbye to him as his friend and colleague. When I raised his arm up, I saw how you were cheering for him. Even after all the bad things he did, you were cheering for him. You were cheering for him like he was a hero. He had a great career and you were cheering for all the good moments he provided for you during that career. He successfully built his legacy.

    *Mike starts pacing around the ring*

    Mike: I started thinking about my legacy. How I was going to be remembered in 20, 30, 50 years. I realised I wasn't going to be remembered like Tyson Blade. He was the longest reigning World Champion of all time. I was going to be remembered as a guy that had the heart to succeed but was never good enough. Someone that was so close but never quite made it. Someone that wasn't as good as TYSON BLADE. I knew I was good enough, but I wasn't able to show it for some reason. I then realised I was stuck in his shadow.

    *Mike looks angry and frustrated as the crowd boos*

    Mike: I thought it was about time to change things. It was the right time to get out of his shadow. It was time to build MY LEGACY. IT WAS MY TIME TO SHINE! I saw the opportunity...AND I TOOK IT!

    *The crowd boos loudly*

    Mike: I was hesitant at first but I did it. Once I hit the Discus Lariat, there was no going back. And it felt good. It felt so good, that I had to go back in the ring and hit the Discus Lariat one more time. That was the sendoff he deserved. *crowd boos* Enough talking about him. He is gone forever. It's my time to shine, it's my time to win World Titles! And you can finally see the real me. *points at himself* This is the Real Mike Thunder. The Real Mike Thunder beat up Tyson Blade! The Real Mike Thunder beat up Will Neilson! The Real Mike Thunder is here to stay! And it's about time everyone in the back...

    *Mike stops a few moments*

    Mike: FEELS THE REA--

    *Mike is interrupted by...*
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