Million Dollar Belt...

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by catlady, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Aids the Jock. has it.
    IWT needs to get it out of his hands.
    Who has what it takes to win it from him at Extreme Rules?
  2. *Waits as everybody says they can do it*
  3. Honestly no one can.
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  4. If nobody else will stop him, then I shall. I have beaten him once before, adding another defeat to the team of Aids and Jonathan is something that will only result in good.
  5. He said he gave you a title match, why don't you go for this one?
  6. Hah! None of you will ever defeat Aids, you're all pathetic morons.
  7. Since no competitor worthy of my time stepped up, Farooq should face Danielson for the #1 contender. Danny probably still has 0 matches at ANOTHER PPV, and farooq is the only one who can face a chance vs him. :pity: Either way, ill be winning.
  8. I'm down, @farooq, you want to do a Number 1 contender match friday?