Million Dollar Championship -- Calling you out!

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  1. @"Big Hoss Rambler" It's time for me to come out of retirement from the IWC and give Mr. "Million Dollar champion", the jabroni beat down that he deserves! Come Wrestlemania, should you except my challenge; at the grandest stage of them all, your title reign will be over! As you gaze at your belt before handing it to the referee, just know that that will be the last time you ever get to lay your hands on it again!

    See you at Wrestlemania, Hoss. :pipebomb:
  2. You can't beat him, he will rig the poll result just like he rigged the lotteries.
  3. He won't be rigging anything after our match.. Only thing he'll be rigging is the height adjustment of his hanging leg splint while he's laying in his backstage hospital bed :nogusta:
  4. Man, good luck, you'll need it, I'll vote for you but as Baraa said, he may just rig the poll
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  5. :pipebomb:
  6. Come out of retirement? I didn't even know you were apart of this? :cornette:
  7. I'm too old skool for you fellas. Aids even came after my time surprisingly. Aids would be the only logical match for me. Too bad he holds no titles or interest for me to fight him :pipebomb:
  8. @aidsjohnson he's calling you out brother :hogan:
  9. You're not in the draft, fella, so you won't be challenging anyone.
  10. I won without even accepting the challenge. Next please.
  11. [​IMG]
    Go ahead and hand me that title, son.