Million Dollar Championship

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    This is for the Million Dollar Championship​


    Big Hoss convinced us. He wins. lol
  2. I feel like you should set up a limit for this one. Like to qualify for this you have to have a certain amount of NP
  3. I may be the poorest active member in the forum, but that won't keep me away from taking the title.
    I'm a simple man, I can't rig lotteries like Big Hoss does, or abuse my powers like Crayo, or even spam to get more cash like you Brita
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    But I'm still the best thing about this forum, and when it comes to titles, THEY ARE ALL MINE!
  4. I really don't know anything about this but it doesn't really matter. Simply put, you're looking at the winner of this contest. I don't know the rules, or the requirements or anything, but so what?!

    Many might ask, "who is this guy?", well I'll tell you who i am. I'm the best in the w.... Wait, I'm not cm punk. But i can tell you that finally.... The r..... Damn, I'm not the rock either. I do know one thing, the champ is he.... Am i John Cena? By the balls that hang from a donkey's dick I better not be. Well, the wwef will never, ever, be the same, a.... Okay, that's not it either, check Jericho off the list. I must be the cerebral assassin, its time to pay.... Okay, not him either? Maybe the heartbreak k..... Nope? Nope!

    I'm not the guy down the street who lives in his moms basement and only gets courage when behind a computer screen. I'm not some sixteen year old kid who gets his rocks off by trash talking on the internet. I'm not the twenty eight year old virgin whose only friends are guys he met on the Web. I'm also not the twelve year old kid who gets exited because someone in a forum might actually be a female with a vajayjay.

    I'm not Senhor, Dolph'sZiggler, Crayo, Dat Kid, Danny, Baraa, Gohan, or -enter your name here because I don't give a damn what it is-.

    Simply put, I am Three Times Better Than You!

    ~Three Said That~
  5. @Britanica ?

    Wow, I am really facing some reaaally tough opponents tonight.

    Thinking about fighting them brings a tear to my eye. It is pity? Is it just that they are a couple of bad jokes?

    I mean COME ON! I have been here more than these rookies can even count to. Did I stay in the shadows? Yes. Did I prefer to watch from a distance? Yes. Do I know every nook and cranny of this god forsaken hell hole? OH MY GOD, YES!

    But no more hiding, no more observing. The key to battle is knowledge. You stay there, saying big words, and feeling good about yourself.

    And I will stay here laughing. Laughing as you pathetic wretches think that THAT TITLE, should be anywhere else than around my waist.

    Brains over brawn, minds over matter, GTI over all.
  6. @"Big Hoss Rambler" has a big point :pity: lol
  7. Hoss convinces me.
  8. Hard to argue with the Big Hoss Man. :true:
  9. Congrats to @"Big Hoss Rambler" You are the new Million Dollar Champion! [​IMG]
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  10. If you'd like to challenge Big Hoss Rambler for the title, use the challenge thread 'Here'
  11. Closing this. No need of it to be open anymore. :otunga: