Storyline Minor Injury, Respect, And A Message.

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  1. Aiden Ryan is shown on the screen, the fans erupt with cheers as he is shown resting his leg on a crate. Renee Young is then shown on the screen as Aiden Ryan looks at her and does the same slight wave and smile he done before. She hesitantly asks.

    "Aiden, I know right now may not be the best time for a question, but... Where is your mind right now? How're you feeling after X -Communication. "

    Aiden rests his hands infront of him and looks at Renee in a serious, yet disappointed manner.

    "I'm not going to lie, I actually thought lightening would strike in two places tonight... I thought I would of gained the victory and walked into summerslam number one contender, Renee, Let me put it in this format because as an interviewer you wouldn't understand how it feels right now, so let's say you want an iceblock. You go to the freezer of your fridge. You're there, You're infront of that fridge. You open it and inside the freezer you find nothing. You were so close to getting something that you've worked had for and it's gone? Why is it gone? Because someone else got it before you. You are left feeling, What have i done wrong? What can i do to assure that this will not happen again? That right there is exactly how I am feeling. And it isn't about the fact that Jwab pinned me, It's about the fact that I let myself down. I actually thought for one second if i left my guard down just a little bit that I would feel some type of justice, but in this company and this is what I've learned being here. Is that you can never let your guard down. You have to be prescient in knowing what your weakness' are before entering a match."

    Aiden then rubs his neck as Renee responds with

    "You were very determined on winning this tournament. And all four men who showed up put on a great battle, infact I would be lying if I were to say that all four of you men held the X division that night. How does that feel knowing that, as you were so focused on bringing this division to life?

    "It feels better, I will say this, Nick, Bruce, Trevor, Myself and Jwab are now the motivation this division need's to get their act together. Us five men are setting history, creating a legacy that can not be filled and we did it without even liking eachother, Heh... imagine that? Respect was given, history was made, and matches will go down in the books for years to come. The X Division is rising up, baby. And they have the right men, to do it."

    "So what's next for Aiden Ryan?"

    Aiden Sighs.

    "Well, I will not be appearing at SummerSlam which kinda bums me out, I will be resting at home as the doctor just informed me that I need to rest my leg a lot more. The kick I delivered to Trevor was not pretty on both ends. However the doctor said I will be fine , in no way or form is it going to shape my active reign here, and after SummerSlam, I will be hot on the tails of whoever is holding that X division championship. That championship will soon read "Aiden Ryan" and this prince standing before you, will become a king. "

    The Camera then fades to the ring.

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