Storyline Mistake

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  1. Jonathan is shown sitting in the IWT Creative Offices. He's sitting on the long end side of the conference table working on some paper work. All of a sudden, the lights go out. Jonathan stands up and attempts to turn on the lights but to no prevail. He flicks on a small lamp and sits down to finish his work when out of nowhere Michael jumps out and attacks Jonathan. With him are two other men who can't be identified, but a man wearing a mask seems to be the most vicious in the assault.

    After a short attack Jonathan is left unconscious on the ground with Michael and the other two men exiting through the door. When the lights come back on Jonathan is in a pool of blood with the word "Mistake" tagged on his bare chest with his own blood.
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  2. Michael is spotted hours later still roaming the IWT Headquarters. A camera crew walks up to him to ask a few questions.

    Interviewer: Wh-

    Michael: I'm sick and tired of the bullshit in the IWT. I'm sick and tired of Creative and I'm sick and tired of the sack of shit Jwab. Not only am I sick of Jwab but I'm sick of his friends, Alkatrz and Jacobs ( @Indy ). Alkatrz may have gotten the better of me in a match stipulation that only the weak chose so it can become easier for them to pick up a cheap win. But Danny Jacobs, I'm calling you out. I'm challenging you to a match at the Slammys. A Steel Cage match to ensure this match stays clean, I will destroy you and set the beginning of the end for Jwab and his reign as General Manager.

    Before the interviewer can ask him about the other men, he walks off.
  3. Oh yeah, another Roadie stable....
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  4. I'm gonna face Butters in a 2-on-1 handicap match already, so no
  5. Thought that was at the Royal Rumble?
  6. oh, yeah, got mixed up. sure, but I want to add a stipulation to it
  7. What do you have in mind?

    I was thinking a Steel Cage, no rules and no interruptions with an unlimited amount of promos for 2 hours.
  8. I'm okay with a steel cage, but I want to add another stipulation to the match. I'll say it in a promo later tonight
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  9. Hope it isn't another "You lose, You leave" stip.
  10. it isn't
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