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    This the poster for this years MITB PPV according to WrestlingInc via Indemand. It's a small pic but if it is legit a larger resolution will probably show up. Appearing on it is dolph, Bryan, Ryder, Rhodes, Del rio, Jericho & Orton. The last two I cannot make out exactly. One lookds like a short haired Swagger but I dunno who the blue trunked one is.
  2. Pretty sure blue trunks is Punk.

    Ugly poster IMO. Too clusterfuckish
  3. No the other Punk in WWE
  4. Haha your post wasnt up when i started posting my reply.
  5. SE Punk aka FTJ?
  6. oh lol. I was wondering wtf you were trying to get at
  7. I don't like the poster, it's also not realistic unless WWE decides to have a lot more people fighting for the briefcase...

  8. It's not supposed to be a realistic depiction of how many people will be fighting for each briefcase at once (though there's some MITB matches that have had eight people in there at once, which is just one less than the amount of people on the poster), just a symbolism of how many would want to grab a hold of a chance at having a one year guarantee world title shot.
  9. I understand what it tries to represent but I don't really think it represents that, I think a better design would be a lot of man down laying in the floor while the one mysterious guy hangs the briefcase...
  10. That's mad generic. ^
  11. Oh Rhodes....
  12. Ugly as fuck.

    And lol, of course it's Dolph basically on his ass at the bottom of the pile. :pity1:
  13. Ryder on a poster? That's his moment of the year.
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