MITB 2013

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  1. This PPV has the potential to be brilliant. After seeing RAW last night, you'd expect to see Cena v Henry and Punk v Lesnar - two huge matches. If the actual MITB matches are good then this PPV will be epic.
  2. and i ad love to see big e V abros that wad be a good 1 as well
  3. It should definitely be a great PPV, although so far I've loved all the Money in the Bank PPV's.
  4. Money in the Bank is my favorite PPV.
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  5. It's my second favourite behind Royal Rumble

  6. Same, honestly. Mania is for the casuals and the Rumble is fun, but MITB is just a better gimmick match. We get fun matches and we get to see who WWE wants to put stock into for the upcoming year. Two guys are getting their break, with the exception of a **** like Cena pointlessly winning a briefcase last year.
  7. Christian needs to win one
  8. Just one point guys... We have recently seen Christian comeback, what direction do you think they are going to take him, and more importantly does he have what it takes to be pushed into the main event picture as it stands, or do you think they will make him go after the mid-card championship titles? Will he get booked for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view?
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